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Democrats‘ dirty tricks

‘Declassified CIA memo one of several red flags Russia collusion was a Clinton dirty trick’ — by John Solomon reported yesterday at Just The News (JTN).

And the criminal plot slowly unravels …

FBI attorney admits altering email used for FISA application during Crossfire Hurricane investigation — United States Department of Justice press release (19 Aug 2020)

‘The FBI documents that put Barack Obama in the Obamagate narrative’ — by John Solomon in JTN (2 June 2020). Read HERE.

Timeline on how liberal legacy media worked hand-in-glove with the dirty Democrats to smear the President. “The media hate Trump with every fibre of their being” — Ben Shapiro, editor emeritus of The Daily Wire

‘Obamagate’: Trump implies Obama link in Flynn investigation — Fox News (11 May 2020)

BELOW: The Democrats believe Trump is ‘racist’ and because of that the end justifies ‘the means’ (smear and sabotage) 


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