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Picking the right side

Republican incumbent vice president Mike Pence and Democrat VP nominee Kamala Harris just concluded their debate a few hours ago.

The Republicans in the USA are conservative and the Democrats are liberal.

The GOP is the right-wing party while the Democratic Party is socialist far left.

American big media are overwhelmingly liberal and pro Democrat.

BELOW: Former governor of Arkansas, Republican Mike Huckabee said on Fox News “when the New York Times says something about Donald Trump I kind of blow it off as totally lacking in credibility”

Television (with the exception of some Fox News hosts) and Hollywood are hyper pro Democrat.

Academia (college professors are liberals) and the literati are also reliably pro Democrat.

Professional sports stars in the NBA and NFL and other leagues are largely pro Democrat too.

Sensible down-to-earth Americans are pro Republican because — Democrats‘ dirty tricks

BELOW: CBS late night show host Stephen Colbert (a super duper Trump hater) tweeted the meme below of Stephen Miller, a Trump senior advisor who has just tested positive for the coronavirus

Differences between the Divided States of America are irreconcilable. Watch what happens in the USA on November 4th.

A real test of the slogans “Unity in Diversity” and “Diversity is Our Strength” lies in what ordinary people can see – with their own eyes – what is actually breaking on the ground.

Who is lying about the “peaceful protests”? Democrats or Republicans?


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