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Again they’re calling M’sians abusive, cruel and inhumane

An ugly screed titled ‘Malaysia’s inhumane crackdown on migrants, refugees’ is published in the Malay Mail today.

They are unhappy with what they call “human rights abuses” in Malaysia.

They‘re unhappy with Ops Benteng where Malaysian coastguard and military had pushed Rohingya boats away from our territorial waters. Continue reading “Again they’re calling M’sians abusive, cruel and inhumane”

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The No.1 election issue

Obamagate is the “greatest political crime in history” that has destroyed many lives. And the scandal is slowly but surely unraveling.

President Donald Trump has quite justifiably called for Barack Obama to be indicted (see latest video, below).

For background to Obamagate, find some useful links HERE — ‘Democrats’ dirty tricks’ Continue reading “The No.1 election issue”