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Again they’re calling M’sians abusive, cruel and inhumane

An ugly screed titled ‘Malaysia’s inhumane crackdown on migrants, refugees’ is published in the Malay Mail today.

They are unhappy with what they call “human rights abuses” in Malaysia.

They‘re unhappy with Ops Benteng where Malaysian coastguard and military had pushed Rohingya boats away from our territorial waters.

Our navy and air force protecting Langkawi waters from Rohingya on 16 April 2020 — pix courtesy of TUDM

They‘re unhappy with Defence Minister Ismail Sabri for publicly stating that Rohingyas have no refugee status here.

They‘re unhappy with our government for charging Rohingya with the crime of breaching Malaysian maritime borders. They accuse Malaysia of criminalizing those who run afoul of our Immigration Act.

They‘re unhappy with a Malaysian court for sentencing the guilty Rohingya to “the cruel punishment of whipping”. They say Malaysian immigration policies are “cruel” and “inhumane”, and that we mete out “degrading punishment”.

They‘re unhappy with the authorities for allegedly harassing DAP Born Again Christian pro ‘refugee’ activist Heidy Quah.

They’re unhappy with Muhyiddin for attributing to illegal immigrants the recent spike in Sabah Covid cases.

They‘re unhappy with police over the raids, roundup operations and detention of PATI. They accuse Malaysia of creating “this toxic state of affairs” during the pandemic.

They are Michelle Yesudas (co-founder of local NGO Lawyers for Liberty) who is working for ICJ focusing on Myanmar and Rachel Chhoa-Howard, a researcher at Amnesty International and too many other woke Malaysians.


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  1. If Malaysia ia so cruel, wonder why everyday hundreds of Bangladeshi, Rohings, Mymanmars, Vietnamese, and others are being caught everyday trying to enter this country illegally? Then we have thousands from India and China disappeared into thin air after entering Malaysia as visitors..

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