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The No.1 election issue

Obamagate is the “greatest political crime in history” that has destroyed many lives. And the scandal is slowly but surely unraveling.

President Donald Trump has quite justifiably called for Barack Obama to be indicted (see latest video, below).

For background to Obamagate, find some useful links HERE — ‘Democrats’ dirty tricks’

Many MAGA people believe that the most awokened Democrat ex-president should indeed go to jail but given the political vested interests, this remains just a wishful thinking. 

Trump supporters wave American flags and chant ”U.S.A ! U.S.A !!” at their rallies. For this they’re labeled “white supremacists” and “racists”. 

Even if Obama had green skin and purple hair, the Republicans would still be accused of anti-black racism for simply lending credence to Obamagate. 

BELOW: Trump supporters at his rally chant “Lock him up” calling for Obama to be jailed

Democrats are complicit in the continued violence perpetrated by mobs burning down blue cities. In Minneapolis last night, what was described as “predominantly peaceful protests“ saw 51 people being arrested. Such is the surreal disconnect promoted by liberal media.

Meanwhile Democrat shock troops take to the street screaming “No borders, no walls, no USA at all”. They loot, riot, commit arson and beat up innocent passersby, and are called “peaceful protesters”.

BELOW: On Sept 13 after two police officers were shot, protestors blocked the hospital emergency entrance-exit, chanting “We hope they die!

The Los Angeles county sheriff deputies had been ambushed and shot as they sat in their patrol car at a rail station

The Democratic Party and their ‘Defund-the-Police’ supporters are bursting with hatred and rage. Ordinary Americans have reacted by increasingly becoming angry at the bullying by Democrats and turning into Trump supporters. 

On Nov 3, the USA goes to the polls to elect their president and down ticket legislators. Following his 2008 win, Obama famously told the losers “Elections have consequences”. 

Following the 2020 American presidential election, what will the winners and losers each do?

At the top right sidebar of my blog, I have a Countdown Clock. It currently shows 25 days (3-½ weeks) to D-Day. On Nov 4, Americans will wake up to a painful reckoning after years of hate politics from the Democrats. 


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