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The most corrupt politician ever

Obamagate — “the dirtiest political trick in American history”

Donald Trump tweeted today that his 2017 National Security Advisor designate Michael Flynn was “entrapped” (and his life almost destroyed) by the Obamagaters.

Read, ‘Sedition in the Obama Oval Office?‘ op-ed by Tom Fitton @ Judicial Watch explaining how “Obama’s infamous January 5, 2017, Oval Office meeting is a key moment in the corrupt effort to smear and spy on President Trump and target General Flynn with a malicious prosecution“.

A few days earlier, newly declassified documents in the form of handwritten notes by the then (2016) CIA Director John Brennan revealed that Obama was weaponizing American security agencies against the Trump presidential campaign.

This is a scandal that “makes Watergate look like small potatoes!”, Trump complained.

BELOW: Trump is rightly incensed that the dirty Obamagaters manufactured non-existent crimes against him and his incoming White House in a treasonous act of political sabotage


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