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Mahathir’s sarcasm is ugly and hateful

The former premier of 22 years (PM4) and 22 months (PM7) let rip his trademark sneer all across his social media platforms today.

Challenging Muhyiddin whom he assigned “pemimpin tertinggi”, Mahathir threw back at the sitting PM8 his own words earlier which had hinted that a snap election might be held (“PRU akan diadakan”).

Mahathir then directed his sarcasm at Muhyiddin: “Jangan mungkir janji. Adakan PRU. Biar ratusan ribu dijangkiti. Biar lebih ramai mati.”

Then further in a mocking tone, Mahathir added (as if he were speaking in Muhyiddin‘s stead), “Politik lebih utama dari prinsip. Apa aku peduli. Aku dapat.”

This is the ugliest politics has ever been in Malaysia and Mahathir is the trendsetter of this ugliness.

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We can still feel, until today, the lingering aftertaste of the constant venom spewed at Najib by Harapan — which was at its worst in 2018, just before the general election.

Following the most recent Covid wave post-Sabah, almost the same level of vitriol is being spat at Muhyiddin by multiracial parties DAP and PKR. In this regard, Kit Siang is also close to Mahathir in both their levels of political toxicity.

Those of us living in Klang Valley as well as the Sabahans are once again being subjected to a conditional MCO.

Mahathir, who has already enjoyed 95 years of life, sneering at younger people – i.e. 99.99% of us Malaysians – albeit he is targeting Muhyiddin: “Biar ratusan ribu dijangkiti [koronovirus]. Biar lebih ramai mati [angkara Kovid]” is the epitome of what Harapan politics has become. Ugly and hateful.



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