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Why we need a strong government

A strong prime minister, strong defence minister, strong foreign minister and strong home minister will firmly put their foot down. They will tell the interfering activists (who are lying to the world that Malaysians are “cruel” and “inhumane”) to sod off. 

A strong government will protect the sovereignty of Malaysian territorial waters and in the South China Sea. A strong government will back up our security agencies — scroll down and see point No.5 below.

Taking an opposite tack, however, human rights groups have told international media that “the government of Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin had failed to do enough to curb xenophobia”.

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The most recent provocation is a Reuters article titled ‘Anti-Rohingya hate spreads unchecked on Facebook in Malaysia’ published yesterday in Malaysiakini, FMT and other local media. 

Reuters started their report saying “As Covid-19 infections surged in Malaysia this year, a wave of hate speech and misinformation aimed at Rohingya Muslim refugees from Myanmar began appearing on Facebook“. 

My response: Hate speech is something intangible but defined with bias and prejudice by the First World globalists. It’s like the axiom One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. What’s considered ‘hate speech’ by the globalist NGOs is patriotic defense of tanahair when seen from the perspective of nationalists.


Reuters went on to say: “Alarmed rights groups reported the material to Facebook. But six months later, many posts targeting the Rohingya in Malaysia remain on the platform, including pages such as ‘Anti Rohingya Club’ and ‘Foreigners Mar Malaysia’s Image’ — although those two pages were removed after Reuters flagged them to Facebook recently.”

My response: (a) Facebook has inconsistently and unfairly put its thumb on the scale, and that’s why this prejudiced big tech company has been subpoenaed to answer to the American senate for their bias — see BBC Oct 1 news tweet above.

(b) Some pro-refugee groups are grifters while others are suspect.

The handling of generous donations has not been wholly transparent either. On April 29 this year, Wan Azizah replied to Zahid Hamidi that the RM218 million (or 50 million in USD) donated by Qatar for Rohingya refugees in Malaysia was not diverted to her then Pakatan Harapan government but instead channelled direct to three NGOs. 

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The Fortify Rights pro-Rohingya NGO quoted in yesterday’s Reuters story is busy soliciting money too (see below).


Reuters reported: “Comments still online in one private [Facebook] group with nearly 100,000 members included “Hope they all die, this cursed pig [Rohingya] ethnic group”.

My response: The ‘babi’ invective quoted above is but one statement. The private FB group has 100,000 members. What do the rest of these 99,999 Facebookers have to say about Rohingya?

The huge size of the anti-Rohingya FB group membership is an indication of how widespread feelings are among ordinary Malaysians. We must not be complacent when Fake News Media just tell one side of the story.

There are valid reasons why negativity towards the Rohingya is so pervasive among Burmese, Bangladeshis and Malaysians. 

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Reuters in its report said “the surge of anti-Rohingya comment in Malaysia shows how xenophobic speech persists”. According to Reuters, rights groups have also alleged that “comments on Facebook helped escalate xenophobia in Malaysia”. 

My responseYeah, yeah … we’re also racists, sexists, extremists, bigots, homophobes, transphobes and what else? Cukup-cukuplah with the namecalling. 

The self-proclaimed “human rights specialist at Fortify Rights” told Reuters: “It would be irresponsible to not actively take down anti-refugee and anti-Rohingya Facebook groups and pages”. 

What we’re learning now is that media activists – whether directly or indirectly – are in cahoots with the NGOs to curb Malaysian freedom of speech through the takedown of dissenting FB pages.

By their own admission, “Facebook removed 12 of the 36 pages and groups flagged by Reuters”. Facebook also this month removed a post dated April from the Friends of Immigration group after queries by Reuters. 

“Another post that was shared more than 26,000 times was from a page calling itself the Military Royal Intelligence Corps that said undocumented migrants ‘will bring problems to all of us’ [Malaysians]”, Reuters further reported. 

Following the Reuters “queries”, Facebook took down the aforementioned Intelligence Corps page. Was it only an innocent ‘query’ or is this yet another example of pro-migrant activism by reporters? 

Reuters claims these flagged FB pages carry “anti-migrant content”. Reuters further claims such pages “have been a hotbed for hate speech”. 

“Reuters found more than three dozen pages and groups, including accounts run by former and serving Malaysian security officials, that featured discriminatory language about Rohingya refugees and undocumented migrants. Dozens of comments encouraged violence.”

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“Reuters found four pages with links to security and enforcement agencies voicing anti-immigrant sentiment.”

Reuters said a military spokesman confirmed the authenticity of an FB page credited to the Malaysian Armed Forces Headquarters asking the public to be its “ears and eyes” and report undocumented migrants.

My response: A-ha! The most important takeaway from yesterday’s Reuters story is that some of the FB accounts were “run by former and serving Malaysian security officials”. This means pegawai penguatkuasa keselamatan kita are deeply concerned about the Rohingya infiltration. 

One of the groups even says it is run by current and former immigration officials, Reuters reported. 

While one can brush off the grumblings by random netizens, an informed risk assessment on the Rohingya by Malaysian security and immigration personnel is another matter entirely. Do we – as mindful Malaysians – side with our enforcement people in uniform or with the Fake News Media and their NGO friends who delight in tarnishing the image of our country? 


Reuters said, “Some of the pages that remain online contain comments comparing Rohingya to dogs and parasites. Some disclosed where Rohingya had been spotted and encouraged authorities and the public to take action against them“. 

My response: It scares me to think there are Michelle Liu’s aplenty – see her letter to Malaysiakini, above – who accuse Malaysians of believing that Rohingya are actually like dogs, and that these SJWs who simply accuse are as loud as foghorns. 

We need a strong government to put their foot down and stop this harassment of our rakyat by the globalist bullies.  

I shall be posting next on the Rohingya statistics most recently released by the UNHCR. Watch this space. 


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3 thoughts on “Why we need a strong government

  1. Strong government may be impossible to realize as democracy is moving towards maturity due to differences in interests and objectives. PM can do these though to mitigate political impasse,

    1. Prorogue parliamentary sitting to focus on containing virus spread. This will momentarily cease MPs intending to leap frogging too.
    2. Allow UMNO-PAS to strengthen MN as this will strengthen TSMY government
    3. PM must weight-in his ‘formidable’ alliance (UMNO) complaint of unfair treatment, or be prepared to face adverse consequences.
    4. PRU15 should never be allowed during pandemic as democracy is known to fail to bring greater benefits to the people (Sabah PRK lesson).
    5. Let the Majesty uses his wisdom to decide a new PM should there be political instability.
    6. Perhaps it’s time for PM to consent returning of the power to the Majesty to steer the country away from the storm.
    7. His Majesty can then return the power to people when the plague ends.

  2. Sahabat Ambo Saudari Helen,
    Inilah Politik. Serba berkemungkinan!
    Saat pertama ketika Membaca Bahasa Tubuh Ahli Parlimen Port Dickson di KL Sentral, saya Sudah Tahu ADA SESUATU YANG SEDANG BERLAKU.
    2. Tatkala Presiden UMNO A.S.A.P released the historic Media Statement; jika Pagoh bermaruah, dia sudah MENGUNDURKAN DIRI SECARA TERHORMAT.
    3. Nyata sekali, DSAI berjaya meyakinkan Abdullah the Agong untuk bertemu muka dengan Ketua-ketua Parti Politik e.g Presiden UMNO, DAP dan Amanah.
    4. Malah, Hadhir Nya Gua Musang MP ke Istana Negara after that significant Anwar Move prove that Muhyidin sudah KE LAUT already
    Sudah terang lagi bersuluh, MALAYSIA needs a very Strong, Formidable and very Convincing Federal Government 🌹💯🎀💌💪

  3. the question is how. one way is to include dap, or mca, bec they lack the fighting spirit of the malay leaders. but since umno kill off mca, they shd pick the new mca2.0 as partner.

    chinese malay unity. indian doesnt matter.

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