DAP desperados trying to backflip their return to Putrajaya

Who is DAP willing to climb into bed with to regain federal power? Well, everybody and anybody apparently, with only the exception of Najib. 

DAP has been turning so many cartwheels that their konpius followers punya kepala pun sudah pusing.

So today Kit Siang had to spin some more, swearing “die-hard DAP supporters know that the DAP leaders will not compromise their integrity and principles to co-operate with kleptocrats”. 

Malaysiakini columnist Thayaparan yesterday wrote, “The old maverick left Umno because Umno refused to bend the knee. He then left Harapan because their knees broke after prolonged inertia in a supine position”.

Thaya is saying that DAP spent 22 months kneeling to Prime Minister Mahathir (under whose watch Kit Siang’s son was released from his corruption charges in court) — bracketed comment is this blogger’s own added observation. 

Guan Eng, however, is now back in court on more corruption charges. Meanwhile DAP has been left with ‘broken knees’ after spending almost two years genuflecting to Mahathir.

What will DAP do next?

My guess is that DAP is prepared to crawl on its belly to whichever Malay power brokers are ready to accept the 95 percent Chinese voter bloc readying to be swung in the updated ‘Save Malaysia’ direction. [Note: The level of Chinese support for DAP remains unchanged from 2018.]

My other guess is that the desperate evangelical party is will not find any takers among Umno movers and shakers because their Malay ground will not accept the DAP’s burnt offering. 


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  1. Najib: How to work with Lim Guan Eng who won’t admit Mega Bunglow + Mega Undersea Tunnel + Corrupted Wife & Son wrongdoings?

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