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Anwar got punk’d

From news reports the last 48 hours, our evolving political landscape appears to be along the scenario outlined below:

(1) Anwar is now under police scrutiny and will be kept busy fending off questioning by the authorities

(2) Umno politburo wants to renegotiate terms of party participation in the Perikatan government and Muhyiddin is listening

(3) Anwar’s Le Meridien Move provided the springboard for Umno to leverage

(4) (a) If Muhyiddin loses three MPs, his administration would have lost their simple majority in the Dewan, (b) Muhyiddin needs a parliamentary majority to pass the 2021 Budget coming up for debate next month

(5) Anwar does not have any ace up his sleeve nor the numbers

(6) The 95-year-old is trying to remain relevant; a recent meeting between the Old Horse (DAP’s nickname for Mahathir) and the Dark Horse (Ku Li) has Chinese political observers all prematurely excited; the Chinese are inveterate gamblers but this pair is not a winning hand

(7) Anwar is becoming irrelevant, making the DAP turn its Harapan to the BerMUDA Triangle of Mahathir and his two mentees — Shafie Apdal and Syed Saddiq

(8) DAP is becoming increasingly desperate; it is a ‘paralyzed’ party that broke its knees from all that prostrating to Mahathir the last two years

(9) Dapsters like to mock the Malays as a race of people requiring NEP crutches

(10) Today 95 percent of Chinese are in hock to a Broken Knees Evangelical Party that is desperately clinging to the coattails of a 95-year-old …






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4 thoughts on “Anwar got punk’d

  1. anwar is merely a pm in waiting, punk or no punk make no diff. however backdoor pm not only backdoor, his goodwill to govern lost mandate when there is now so many covid cases n many is dying. tak tahu malu.

  2. There’s a saying if you kick someone when he is already down (due to broken knees), you better pray he does not get up. This saying may apply in animal kingdom. TSMY who has a great sense of humanity should instead extend olive branch to DSNR, DSZH & LGE. Invite them to a meeting and offer them assistances. After all, human makes mistakes. But remorse and repentance are what to be expected. Ask how would they make up for their mistakes although this will incur extreme rage and curse from TDM. TDM needs to be reminded that he is also not a perfect human being. If US DoJ can allow JL settlement, there is no reason why the same cannot be offered to the Trio. News about prisoners being infected with Covid-19 already make a headline and there is a plan to release inmates early. Reformation in our judicial system is timely to alleviate overcrowding in prisons and to ensure consistency with the judicial system in the country with the most matured democracy in the world. Weeks ahead are crucial to TSMY. May Allah bless you.

  3. Salam hormat saudari Helen…
    Apa yang saya hadam, Port Dickson MP hanyalah menjadi wahana a.k.a alat perkakas untuk Bagan Datuk MP and Pekan MP together with others ( Putrajaya, Baling, Kinabatangan and Pontian MP ) in order to buy the Time for their significant & magnificient court cases

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