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Good news for PAS from London

Its current lockdown may result in 20,000 British pubs closing permanently as a consequence of the Covid restrictions. This 20k estimate on the ‘death toll’ was given a few days ago (Oct 15) by Patrick Dardis, the CEO of Young’s brewery that operates 300 pubs in the UK.

London began clamping down on pubs yesterday as the city went into Tier 2 Covid restrictions. Earlier on Wednesday (Oct 14), Prime Minister Boris Johnson had ordered pubs in Liverpool to close.

Ten days ago, pubs were handed the ‘death sentence’ by the Scottish government (see below). 

Pubs in Northern Ireland began shutting their doors on Friday (Oct 16).

Wales is considering to close its pubs beginning next week (Oct 23) although the Welsh government has not yet made a final decision on the matter.

Overall, the actions taken by Great Britain‘s four regional governments may eventually cause up to 20,000 pubs in the UK to die.

Muhyiddin: Maybe ‘a good thing’ if pubs permanently close

Meanwhile here in Malaysia, the Muhyiddin administration is providing a window of opportunity for its Perikatan allies to put in a few friendly requests.

Umno, for instance, wants to discuss some new cabinet concessions. PAS too desires a tightening of certain Islamic policies.

Last month, the PM himself had personally suggested that it might be a good thing if pubs do not open at all. He was greeted with cheers from a Muslim crowd in Universiti Malaya.

Now is the chance for PAS to burst the Bangsar bubble.


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