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Malays will never accept DAP

The Malay grassroots will always reject DAP. Their rejection is non negotiable and Umno leaders will not dare to go against the will of the Malay ground on this — see latest news reports tweeted below.

The Chinese polity, on the other hand, are lemmings prepared to dance to the DAP’s moronic Multi-Kulti (Multiculturalism and Diversity) tune … spinning round and round in pointless circles.

DAP will also crawl on its belly to any Malay power broker who can possibly help them make a return to Putrajaya. In this instance, they’re pinning their Harapan once again on Mahathir to materialize a ‘No Confidence’ motion in parliament.

Dapsters meanwhile are on their broken knees licking Shafie Apdal’s feet and sucking Syed Saddiq’s toes in the Harapan that the two Mahathir associates can provide a path to new bumiputera voters.

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