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Mahathir-Kit Siang are Siamese twins, no room for Kuli

We’ve never heard before of conjoined Siamese triplets being able to survive. 

Mahathir and Kit Siang are like yin-and-yang twins. Three is a crowd. Tengku Razaleigh should steer away from both these gila kuasa connivers. 

BELOW: Front page of Sinar Harian on 7 Dec 2014 … Mahathir believes nobody is ‘layak’ to be PM but himself and certainly not Anwar 

No difference between Mahathir and DAP 

Mahathir will do everything to regain power — see ‘Pejuang calonkan Dr Mahathir sebagai Perdana Menteri sementara PRU 15’ reported in Astro Awani three days ago. 

DAP will stop at nothing to return to Putrajaya. Post Sheraton Move, Kit Siang was agitating for an emergency parliament sitting.

Today, however, the DAP boss is scared that PM Muhyiddin will advise the Agong to declare a state of emergency and suspend parliament using Covid as an excuse. 

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Indians in DAP are more principled

Unlike his party DAP,  Bukit Gelugor MP Ramkarpal Singh does not believe Mahathir ever wanted to ‘save Malaysia’. 

Posting in Facebook yesterday, YB Ram also took to task PM7 for his refusal to hand over the baton to wannabe PM8 Anwar Ibrahim. Clearly Mahathir did not keep his word to pass the premiership to Anwar. 

Kit Siang meanwhile had sworn to retire should Mahathir fail to hand over power — see below ‘I’ll quit politics if Dr M does not give PM post to Anwar’ news widely circulated in 2019.

But we know DAP’s promises have the same value as Mahathir’s words, i.e. they’re worthless. 

Indians, Hindus (& Buddhists too) need to walk away from DAP 

And although 95 percent of Chinese are still determined to stick with DAP, hopefully the Indian voters will no longer go all in for the evangelical party. 

Just because the Chinese are prepared to tie themselves into knots – see latest Suara Merdeka story – it shouldn’t mean Indians need to follow.

The DAP Youth chief (below) is now crediting Umno with using ancient Chinese art of war strategies. You can’t get more twisted than this; DAP is the grandmaster of projection!

Dapsters and Protuns are Siamese twins. Three is a crowd. There is no room for Indians in their arrangement.


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