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Somebody else’s cat reacts to VVIP who had a fly on his head

BELOW: A fly landed (yes really) on vice president Mike Pence’s hair when he debated challenger Kamala Harris on Oct 7 … the cat, who has its own Owl Kitty YouTube channel, is however only a parody 

Yummy! says the black cat that swiftly caught and quickly ate the fly 

UPDATE: Donald Trump is correct — the media is an Enemy of the People

•  The first moderator of the Trump-Biden presidential debate was clearly a biased anti-Trumper

•  The second moderator has been suspended by his employer the C-Span network for lying about a tweet to his conspiratorial ally (a Trump hater)

•  The third moderator (today’s) is a black woman dripping with scarcely veiled animosity against Trump

There is no way the USA will escape its day of reckoning on Nov 4 (the morning after election/polling day).

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More than a million online viewers are right now (Thursday night in the USA) tuned in to the ABC television network watching the final American presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Many other media outlets are also carrying live broadcasts accessible over the Internet.


Sarcasm: “Truth is what a leftist says it is. It is not an objective reality.” — Dennis Prager, conservative host on talk radio

Democrat candidates perpetuated lies in earlier two debates

“The left has always relied on lies to gain and retain power,” says Prager, adding that this is very true today in the United States.

One of the biggest leftie lies is the accusation – most recently repeated by Biden on Sept 29 to a worldwide audience and by Harris in both their respective debates – that President Trump had praised Charlottesville neo-Nazis in 2017.

Although many such lies that were deliberately and maliciously concocted by the left wing have been thoroughly debunked, wrote Prager in his syndicated column three days ago, yet “increasing numbers of Americans” continue to believe them.

To find out the truth about Trump’s garbled phrasing (resulting from the volleys of verbal assault by hostile reporters who kept interrupting), refer Prager U’s explanatory videos on Charlottesville below.


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