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“America’s monstrously manipulative media and Big Tech tyranny”

Helen: Copypasted verbatim below and in its entirety is an article ‘What We Have Learned So Far’ by senior editor GEORGE NEUMAYR published in The American Spectator. 

I’ve highlighted in brown, bold and italics certain of his ideas (phrases & sentences) which I feel should be stressed to my readers, i.e. about how legacy media has endlessly pushed fake news and how Big Tech (Twitter, Facebook, Google) has been in the tank for the Democrats.

By George Neumayr

The blowout the chattering class predicted hasn’t come to pass

Democratic veteran James Carville, speaking for many in the chattering class, had confidently predicted earlier in the week that a Biden victory would be obvious by at least 10 o’clock on Tuesday night. That didn’t happen. Trump has proven harder for the Dems to kill than they thought. Will we know soon who has won the election?

Probably not. Even if Biden ends up winning, the closeness of the race is still an embarrassment for the media-polling complex. The Nate Silvers and Matt Drudges had told us that Biden enjoyed a 90 percent chance of winning. Once again, these biased soothsayers have shown themselves to be unreliable.

The hidden Trump vote would appear to have thrown off the polls again — a phenomenon that illuminates the inhibited political ethos a punishing media has fostered in this country, where a significant swath of America quite understandably conceals its real views until it enters the privacy of the polling booth. The hidden Trump vote is a rebuke to the ruling class and its ambitions to control the minds of Americans through skewed and hectoring propaganda.

Pollster Frank Luntz has said that his industry will collapse if Biden loses. No doubt many members of it are trembling over the prospect. Again, a squeaker for Biden, should it happen, doesn’t exonerate them. As things stand at the moment, the betting odds and forecasts are rapidly changing and bear no resemblance to the polling industry’s pre-election picture.

Nor has the predicted demise of the Republican Senate come to pass. Whatever happens, this election can’t be characterized as the Blue Wave the elite had spent weeks expecting.

Ironically, a Red Wave, with Hispanic voters riding it, crashed over the Democrats in Florida. That would suggest at least in one major state that the toxic identity politics of the Dems has backfired. How ironic it would be if the president, whom the Democrats have called a racist and xenophobe day in and day out for four years, should end up winning thanks to increased support from minorities unimpressed by that demagoguery. It would be an upending that Biden richly deserves. He has been utterly shameless in his race-based lying about the president, talking about saving the “soul of America” while engaged in the most cynical form of racial arson.

It also appears that the Democrats have paid some price for running so far to the left. Kamala Harris, the most liberal member of the Senate, has been a dead weight on the ticket. It would be wonderful if she ends up costing Biden parts of the Rust Belt. After having spent decades pretending to be a moderate, Biden formed a Faustian bargain with the far Left and adopted many of its radical positions. He could have moved to the middle by selecting a less extreme running mate. Instead, he threw his lot in with Bernie, Kamala, and AOC. Should he lose Pennsylvania and Michigan, it will be due to his fantasizing about a world without fossil fuels.

The closeness of the race is a tribute to Trump’s hustling finish while Biden played it safe. As Trump raced across the country and campaigned before tens of thousands, Biden restricted himself to pitiful half-events before honking cars. Biden had all the advantages, starting with a press determined to protect him at all costs. If he manages to back into the presidency, it will be due in no small part to America’s monstrously manipulative media and Big Tech tyranny, which has treated every moment of Trump’s presidency as a national emergency. Even in the early hours of Wednesday, this behemoth was still at it;

Twitter’s Orwellian monitors outrageously censored one of Trump’s tweets. Biden, if he wins, will have been carried into the White House not by the people but by a press that operated for four years as a shameless opposition party to the president. It wasn’t a fair fight, and yet Trump could still win it. — By George Neumayr


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  1. Heard it all the time while lining up to pay for Empanadas and coffee at a gas station conveniences store,” he is not going to lock us down” from people hugging on to their phones
    People are much more afraid of not able to make a living then of Donald Trump or Joe Biden

  2. Joseph Goebbels is laughing in his grave knowing his methods of brainwashing the largesse through the media are alive and kicking. Even in Lemuria.

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