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Lesson from the American election

Dead people vote Democrat.

‘Some Dead Voters Appear To Cast Their Vote For Joe Biden In Michigan’ — read HERE


Pennsylvania’s activist judges

Dr Steve Turley explains – see video below – how Pennsylvania law stipulated that mail-in ballots would only be accepted until an 8pm deadline on polling day.

However, the state’s liberal allowed the three-day extension to receive postal votes on excuse of pandemic. Their decision is deemed unconstitutional and is likely to be overturned by the conservative majority in the Supreme Court.

Therefore the humongous vote dump post-election day in favour of Biden – that overnight reduced Trump’s lead – could be invalidated.

Censorship and extreme partisanship

Big Tech tyranny

Earlier, ‘Twitter Locks Account of Ric Grenell over Voter Fraud Warning’ — HERE

Manipulative media  


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6 thoughts on “Lesson from the American election

  1. The spineless Republican Party crawling with bureaucrats at the helm had more or less abandoned DJT to fend for himself.

    Knowing DJT, he is not going to concede and why should he?

    Hillary 4 years later still hasn’t.

    I had been following Baris for many months. He is not the run of the mill partisan shill pollster. He does big data analysis. Do follow him if you like a balanced take.

    1. trump rarely play by the same game rule of politician, hence i guess both side even include some republican dont want him to be elected. among chinese political commentator, hk chip tsao (daojie) view is sharp to point out the problem with american leftist, and why trump is okay.

  2. The election will be called by the fourth estate that Trump demonized!!!
    Kah kah..
    The election will be call by fourth estate …the fake new as Trump like to call it
    Fourt estate is independent and is not fake to the American people
    After it been called by the press we the people are glad to see Trump in court
    Pls bring evidence in court

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