4 thoughts on “It’s not for Big Tech & Big Media to anoint the president elect

  1. DJT must be feeling the same way DSN felt a couple years ago. But, DSN acted more cooled and gentlemanly it seems. There are things DJT can learn from DSN and vice-versa. Chance of becoming next PM and POTUS is still bright for the duo. Let’s stop duelling and work for common good for the people.

    1. Georgia is recounting

      Trump wants a recount in Eisconsin

      Supreme Vourt in intervening in Pennsylvania on matter of constitutional law

      And the Democrats clearly cheated & their cheating is brazen & widespread

      Agree with Trump that legacy media are thr enemy of thr people

  2. Not enough ink to change the color of the ocean !!!
    But there are enough movement of that
    Trump initiate to worry about
    and …to prevent mental shocks do not count Trump out 2024
    Today Trump and it’s people are big L…losers!!!
    Beat the Chinese economy ….and all American will win

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