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Waiting for certain world leaders to get egg on their face

Their congratulations to Joe Biden are premature.

And they will be so sheepish come 2021 or they might be like Angela Merkel who, in 2016, was nasty to candidate Trump and in 2017 doubled down on her nastiness to the newly inanaugurated President Trump.

BELOW: Germany first gave the world Chancellor Herr Hitler, and then Chancellor Frau Merkel  


Those that name themselves ‘Democratic’ (snort)

While there is no guarantee that Trump will be able to come out on top of all the lying and cheating by the dirty Dems, legacy media and Big Tech, there is also no question of him rolling over either in meek surrender to the bastards.

That’s what his supporters like about him — that he is a redoubtable fighter. 

And Trump is going the distance with recounts, vote audits, agencies investigations and engaging the legal process to expose the brazen voter fraud being perpetrated by the diabolical Democratic Party. 

And he’s got more than 70 million patriotic Americans behind him. 

I personally believe Trump will be sitting in the Oval Office as Potus-46 next year. 


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11 thoughts on “Waiting for certain world leaders to get egg on their face

  1. Just dream on lah. DT is just sore loser. Lost on two counts 1. Total vote 2. EC votes. Why is repub is gaining in congress and maintaining in sanate if there is voting fraud. It is on same paper. DT is a fraud in 2016 he won on EC votes but lost on total votes. HC did not complain.

    1. Who says he has lost? CNN?

      HC and her supporters have been complaining non stop four four years lah.

      1. At the end of the day no of EC votes that count not total votes. Congress and senate will certify it after EC presented to them. DT have to accept the defeat. In 2016 BO provided smooth transistion to him as GB did to BO. So what is his problem. The odd is against him. Let him enjoys his golf.

  2. Congratulations !!
    President Elect Biden 2020 for winning the Electoral votes and Popular votes!!!
    Unlike President Trump 2016 for winning only the Electoral votes but lose the Popular votes
    Biden’s lead hits 5M!!!

      1. Here are President- Elect Biden’s margin in the 5 key states as of 11/12/2020
        MI: 146,123
        PA: 55,525
        WI: 20,540
        GA: 14,116
        AZ: 11,934
        The largest state wide recount swings ever was 1247 votes in Florida in 2000 – less the 10% of the margin in the “closest” state right now

        1. MI:

          PA: Late mail-ins could be invalidated, House Speaker wants audit

          WI: Recounting will start Wed.

          GA: Recount by hand already underway

          AZ: Trump was leading by 200,000 votes but anyway, it’s the smallest margin in your list of five and could require mandatory recount; There’s also the ‘green button’ legal challenge

          The thing is Trump was leading on night of Nov 3, then Biden gets d vote dumps.

          1. Elections are decided by votes counts
            So far in USA anyhow !!
            maybe it’s no longer valid?
            That’s Trump legacy?
            Just to get out of jail ?
            Maybe he should forgive himself on the way out!!

            1. Agree with you. Six states have not finished counting.

              Since when were CNN and Assoxiated Press (AP) officially given the duty to decide who wins elections.

  3. “And he’s got more than 70 million patriotic Americans behind him. “
    Right never forget that, the bigotry, the misogyny Americans

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