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How dirty Dems stole the votes

Donald Trump explains in his four tweets below:



I have no Faceook or Twitter.

3 thoughts on “How dirty Dems stole the votes

  1. DT own intel chiief considered the election as most secured. Time is running out. Let JB takes over peacefully.

  2. Don’t worry DJT. If JB could not do what he promised in 100 days, he would be out. PH took 22 months. Let’s see if Democrat can do better. In a meantime, continue tweeting and FBing.

  3. When the Indians saw the Whites the Indians were wipped out!
    When the Whites saw the Browns the Whites voted for Trump!
    All this time Blacks are 2nd class citizens
    When Whites, Blacks and Browns get together they voted Trump out!!

    Will these be visited again in 2024?

    Elections do not erase prejudices!!

    Leadership can!!!


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