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Listing evidence of election rigging and voter fraud

Even one-third of Democrats themselves believe their party stole the USA 2020 election. Among Republicans, the figure is up to 80 percent.

Evidence of election irregularities is now overwhelming but the rabidly anti-Trump legacy media are blacking out the critical news.

Coupled with biased, insidious and draconian censorship by Big Tech, the dirty Dems think they can get away with the audacious steal.

In their hubris, however, they may be under estimating the will of ordinary Americans who object to cheating.

But let’s wait. It’s only another 10 days to D-Day.

The video above by investigative reporter Joshua Philipp is worth a watch.

In his programme Crossroads, Joshua provides a list of the many fraudulent acts – to illegally and illicitly hand the presidential election to Biden – that has been presented as evidence by Team Trump.

He also details some of the technical issues with the compromised voting machines.


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One thought on “Listing evidence of election rigging and voter fraud

  1. Elections in US is rigged against Democrats NOT against Republicans known for so a long time
    The fundamentals of the system though is strong
    For Trump the score card is 1-1
    You lose some you win some

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