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About that cheap bungalow without a swimming pool in Perak

Aspirational politics: Selling HOPE to brainwashed party supporters

BELOW: Perak DAP chairman David Nga Kor Ming said yesterday that his party is ready and most willing to sleep with Umno to form the state government “in the interest of the rakyat”

And the RBA quickly launch propaganda to turn their zombie voter base 180-degrees, from a previous hatred of Umno to a new love for “national unity” — following the same modus operandi successfully employed in making Mahathir a 2018-2020 hero to the Dapsters.

Politicians whose only desire is “to serve the rakyat”…

… so that all the poor will be able to earn a minimum wage,

clever Chinese children will be able to get scholarships

and every DAP member will be able to buy an affordable bungalow albeit without a swimming pool.

The LOL donkey above has also a bridge as well as an undersea tunnel to sell the 95 percent Chinese voters. 


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3 thoughts on “About that cheap bungalow without a swimming pool in Perak

  1. It portends the longest and happiest marriage, if it ever takes place. Both parties are finally coming to a common sense. In time of great difficulty, an enemy is the least needed. Excellent choice for a partner this time, but write down contracts that are mutually agreeable and deliverable. Yes, go for it at a federal level.

    1. Clear guidance is already there for muslims to follow. Why work with those who drove you out from your place (of governing)? Quran 60:1-2 & 9. Believers should work together despite distress. Quran 60:7.

      So, no. The marriage will not be a good move. It will be awfully painful experience. Ask PAS.

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