Perak: Now Mahathir can say ‘Cina mudah lupa’

In early 2009, YB Hee Yit Foong decided she was going to be “friendly” to BN Perak. 

Hee had won her Jelapang state seat on a DAP ticket upon the basis of the Pakatan Rakyat mandate.  

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For her blasphemous act of turning BN-friendly, the mob cursed their erstwhile Adun for seven generations and vowed that even death by a thousand cuts was still too kind a fate for this “whore” and “treacherous bitch”. 

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Welcome Vision 2020

Presently some dozen-and-a-half Aduns sit in the Perak state assembly who, like Hee Yit Foong back in GE12, also won their seats on a DAP ticket upon the basis of the Pakatan Harapan mandate. 

And like the former YB Hee, they’re now prepared to be BN or more specifically Umno-friendly (as there are no MCA nor MIC Aduns in the current DUN).

Only they’re offering to go further than Hee who shifted her status to Independent but leaning BN.

Here the current batch of DAP Aduns (with one exception) are eager to jump into bed with Umno.

So what ‘wrong’ did Hee Yit Foong actually commit in 2009 when she decided to be BN-friendly amidst the ouster of the then Perak MB? 

The whole cluster (minus one) of DAP Aduns today are offering to do the very same thing, i.e. to jump into bed with Umno amidst the ouster of the Perak MB.

When Hee did what she did, the mob spat at her, called her a “prostitute” and issued a ton of death threats against the DAP traitor.  

But sleeping with Umno is suddenly okay when it is what the chameleon Christian evangelicals want. 

A Note of Advice

Chinese who support cooperation with Umno for the sake of multiracial harmony can always vote MCA. 


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  1. They even put faeces on the chair she was supposed to sit at an event she was officiating not long after she stated her ‘friendliness’ to BN then

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