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Simba pretending to be racist …

… is like DAP pretending to be “principled“. Hahaha!

Simba is a cat; he can’t be racist even if he is making sepet eyes at me in the picture below.

In 2018, DAP sprinkled its holy water to try and whitewash Mahathir who, incidentally, had once even likened the party to “syaitan“.

Nonetheless the DAP jampi failed to change Mahathir’s opinion of the party as something devilish.

It is ridiculous to suggest that a cat can be racist. It is equally ridiculous to suggest that DAP is ever a principled party.

On what principle did DAP attempt to ‘cleanse’ its Faustian pact with Dr Mahathir?


Simba & Squealer Super Ring pictures HERE



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2 thoughts on “Simba pretending to be racist …

  1. For want of issues, the DAP is awarding a posthumous medal to the late Karpal Singh. Is the DAP that empty of principles or issues to fight for these days ?

  2. The negativity of both the MCA and DAP mindsets showed whilst both were in Power through the years, both have out lived their relevance and usefulness. Malaysia is the only country in the World which recognises communal parties within its Sovereignty and National Interest borders. The development of Malaysia’s political progress has been hampered by these communal middlemen Chinese parties which served 2 masters, their Chinese constituents which they claimed to be fighting for and the Government which they claimed to have pacified the always peaceful Chinese. On the one hand, donations flowed in. On the other, State lands, licences, permits, approvals etc were awarded accordingly. Both these communal middlemen Chinese parties became mighty rich as the years gone by with the 6 Million Chinese remaining the same or poorer. A true example thus. In 1982, I was invited to a MCA dinner. Suddenly, a Deputy Minister stood beside me and said, ” We fight them for saying Toong Kok Mao !”. A few months later, the Bukit Tunku Residents Association turned up at his Bukit Tunku mansion to seek his help to prevent the developers from encroaching into the area with their condos.. He could not be found !
    Since the British looked after the Chinese better than the Chinese themselves in pre-Merdeka Malaya as well as in pre-1997 Hong Kong, I have proposed that the Malay based Governments of the day appoint the best Chinese talent from the 6 Million Cinese available to serve as Ministers, Advisers, in GLCs etc by passing these self-serving Communal Middlemen Chinese parties MCA and the DAP which are actually stumbling blocks to our beloved Malaysia’s political progress. It is time the 6 Million Chinese wake up and see the reality of Malaysian Politics. Further, the recent PH Government approved the Lee Kuan Yew inspired CPTPP the Malaysia/Malays/Malaysians/SME Killer in August 2018 according to YB Dato Seri Azmin in the Dewan Rakyat recently. – only three months in Power which was not in the PH Manifesto. The strident calls for Reforms were conveniently forgotten.! Some pundits called this the deceitful action party at worked as the Trojan Horse.

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