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Who’s got the guns in an evenly divided country

The American military is not yet buying into Biden ‘win’.

BREAKING NEWS: ‘Pentagon halts Biden transition briefings’ — Axios

‘America’s largest militia says it will refuse to recognise Biden as president’ — The Independent

“I think about half this country won’t recognise Biden as legitimate. They won’t recognise this election,” said Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes at last Saturday’s pro-Trump rally in Washington DC.

Rhodes is a graduate of Yale Law School and former staffer to Texas’ ex-Congressman Ron Paul (father of serving Republican Senator Rand Paul).

Country split equally into two

A poll released early this week found that 46 percent of Americans surveyed believe there was voter fraud in the presidential election.

45 percent of the respondents think there was no fraud. The McLaughlin & Associates survey was taken on Dec 9-13.

How dirty Dems broke the system


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  1. Only 34 days to go

    It feels like we heading back to progressive agendas

    We have a chance to correct history ,again
    America’s experiment marches on!!!

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