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Washington Post dehumanizes Republicans as rats

The Washington Post yesterday published this editorial cartoon – screen-captured below –portraying pro-Trump elected representatives as rats.

Like its Fake News fellow travellers CNN, MSNBC and the New York Times, WaPo has been vomiting hate 24/7 with its saturation anti-Trump content.

The pro-Democrats legacy media have for years nurtured their audience on a daily diet of intense Trump hatred.

WaPo‘s op-ed cartoon of the Republican congressmen and attorneys general, each by name depicted as a rodent, is headlined ‘All the Republican rats’.

Unhinged by Trump Derangement Sydrome, the WaPo readers in their echo chamber duly amplify this belief that their MAGA countrymen are vermin.

One side of the divide is steeped in the politics of hate — it is the Democrats.


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