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Should young Chinese emigrate to California?

Nah, Texas is now the place to go. Tech companies Oracle, Hewlett Packard, Palantir and Tesla have all left California’s Silicon Valley and moved to Texas.

Young immigrant Jocelyn Yow recently became an inspiration to Chinese kids in Malaysia who hold to the philosophy that “there is no free lunch(see letter-to-editor below) because one has to really work hard in order to succeed.

Jocelyn, who has a Chinese father and family origins in Alor Setar, successfully became the “youngest person of colour” to hold the position of mayor of a California town.

Many pro-Harapan people say it is good for Jocelyn to have left Malaysia.

They think that Jocelyn would not have been allowed to excel in Malaysia — see article tweeted below.

They even believe that had Jocelyn remained in Kedah, she could not even have tried for a job as Alor Setar mayor.

This belief that there is an impenetrable glass ceiling is quite true in those states under DAP control or influence.

Under DAP rule in Penang

Let’s take the case of P. Ramasamy who has not been allowed to excel and can never be Penang chief minister.

In 2008, Ramasamy was the state’s Deputy Chief Minister Two — DCM (II).

In 2009, DCM (I) Mohd Fairus Khairuddin resigned but Ramasamy – who by then had had a full year’s experience on the job – was not promoted to fill Fairus’ shoes. Instead he was leapfrogged by freshman Adun Mansor Othman as DCM (I).

In 2013, the post of DCM (I) was again vacant. And once more, Ramasamy failed to move up. Instead Mohd Rashid Hasnon from Johor was appointed Penang Deputy Chief Minister One … leaving Rama still stuck at DCM (II).

In 2018, the top job was up for grabs but Ramasamy was not considered qualified enough although he’d already notched a decade’s experience as understudy.

Chow Kon Yeow – who had never been deputy – was catapulted to become the Penang Chief Minister.

And to rub salt into Ramasamy’s wound, Ahmad Zakiyuddin Abdul Rahman was fast-tracked to the DCM (I) office while poor Rama remained marking time as DCM (II).

Ramasamy has worked a dozen years since GE12 for his “lunch” but perhaps he should learn how to use chopsticks to improve his prospects in GE15.

Meritocracy and all that DAP jazz

Those applauding Jocelyn Yow’s success in becoming a mayor have praised California USA for providing equal opportunity. They also say Malaysia is an unfair country.

This was certainly true in Perak under the Harapan regime.

Following the general election of 9 May 2018, DAP finished with 18 Aduns compared to Bersatu’s mere one representative in the Perak DUN.

Among DAP’s Perak state reps, Abdul Aziz Bari is Malay, Muslim and a PhD holder.

Notwithstanding his party having the most Aduns in the then Harapan ruling coalition, Aziz nonetheless was not made Perak menteri besar.

Faizal Azumu, the sole Adun from Bersatu the party that won only one seat, was appointed Perak MB although his academic credentials (no university degree) falls short of the DAP man’s doctorate.

It is perhaps unsurprising therefore that young Chinese such as the twelve-year-old Leung Anna (Malaysiakini letter writer mantioned above) looks to Eastvale California for her career aspirations instead of locally like Perak under Harapan rule.

DAP want to be the gomen 

DAP evangelist Hannah Yeoh strongly discourages Malaysia’s young generation of Christians from emigrating.

After hearing the news that yet another young lawyer friend would be emigrating to Australia, Hannah urged other young Malaysians to not “lose hope”.

She exhorted them: “Don’t change your country, change your government!”

Well, DAP has been the government in Penang since 2008 but DCM (II) Ramasamy has still not been able to fulfil his potential.

DAP has also been the biggest Pakatan party over more than a decade in Perak where their coalition twice ruled the state (2008-2009, 2018-2020) but a DAP Adun has neven been given the chance to become MB.

Would Chinese and fellow ‘persons of colour’ have better opportunities overseas like newly minted Mayor Jocelyn Yow and her California success story?

BELOW: Nasi Lemak dress for DAP Yang Berhormats who desire to prove their Malaysian Firstness

Those who listened to Hannah Yeoh’s advice to remain in Malaysia and make DAP the government to change their lives have sadly missed the boat.

Jocelyn left Alor Setar in the mid-2000s or roughly 15 years ago. Today prople everywhere are being quarantined and have to stay put where they are due to Covid travel restrictions.

There is one thing though that the many dissatisfied Malaysians unhappy about the lack of fairness in this country can do first.

Instead of gunning for mayor in Malay-majority Alor Setar, why not deliver equal opportunity to DCM (II) Ramasamy for starters?

There is no reason why an Indian cannot be DAP’s Penang chief minister, is there?



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4 thoughts on “Should young Chinese emigrate to California?

  1. Any young Chinese can emigrate anywhere they like, but please do not equate this as the brain drain of Malaysia. For fellow loyal citizen, this should be a good riddance!

    1. i choose not to emigrate, can order grab food everyday n pay rm2 tips to brain that stay as acknowledgement of his good n speedy services.

  2. Democrats or Republican, PH or PN
    young ones can only truly win if the young theory beat the hell of the old theory!!!

    Don’t matter if the theory is about race , religion or politics

    Case in point AOC! She and the squad did not gain wide acceptance but their voices are about tommorrow

    Inertia its all about inertia!

    Go out there beat the hell of the old ideas …leave some room for friends
    Change stated from only by the young believers
    Else we living in the old world again and again
    Sometimes the old got upper hand, cause the young model after them
    Find your own rainbow built on the old but leave the old!!!

  3. After 13 May 1969, I visited Australia and Canada. The former put me through the wringer even though I was a top professional. Years later, my friend a Cambridge engineering graduate reached the No.1 post of Australia’s largest telco but was pushed aside to be an adviser. I Then, I found Canada was a socialist country with many taxes. The climate in England is bad. America deterred me by the films from Hollywood. All these countries are now anti-foreign which means Asians may be verbally abused, physically assaulted or killed in broad daylight. No more Caucasian holidays for me, only Asian ! In Malaysia, the cost of living is still low. 20 years ago in London, a plate of beef noodles cost 5 pounds sterling. It should be 15 pounds today ! Malaysia is the best country in the World if you know how to make a good living by working hard and honestly ! I lived in Singapore as well. I found the Government was too smart for me with its taxes and all rich Singaporeans made their money in MALAYSIA. There are more than 91,000 Singaporeans living quietly in Malaysia today. Vide. Wikipedia. Overseas Singaporeans. Good luck !

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