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Christian martyr Guan Eng is being ‘persecuted’?

Lim Guan Eng and his wife are such cheap Drama Queens.

Remember Betty’s tearful stunt shaving bald in a Buddhist temple (!!!) once … when she is actually a Christian? How shameless.

And Guan Eng’s big wayang about sleeping on the wooden floor – pathetically without pillow and mattress – during his one night MACC detention earlier this year.

Now Guan Eng makes a pitiful bid at Christian ‘martyrdom’ with his latest cry of “persecution“, saying that police might possibly have remanded him over Christmas. 

Reacting to the cancellation/rescheduling of Guan Eng’s planned questioning by police on Chtistmas eve, Najib said yesterday on Facebook: “Jangan beri modal free bagi depa hasut Rakyat”. 

A lot of Malay Facebookers agree with the ex-PM’s caution that the Born Again Christian was seeking political capital with his incitement that the police investigation timing reeks of “vengeance“. 

Christians complain to world about persecution of “only 9%” minority

Already Malaysia ranks ‘High’ in the Pew Research Center’s Social Hostilities Index.

Malaysia scores a further ‘Very High’ under Pew’s measure of government restriction on religion — see table above. 

In fact, Malaysia sits seven rungs above Myanmar in Pew’s 2018 survey, and lagging behind only China and Iran among religiously oppressive Asian countries. 

Another monitoring organization (see below) considers Malaysia to have a “Very High” level of Christian persecution. This is also viewed as a form of “Islamic oppression”.

Guess how the world got its impression that Christians are being persecuted in Malaysia? 


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