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Admit nothing, deny everything

Chinese envoy standing down as Beijing’s ambassador to Great Britain — see latest news below.

His Excellency Liu Xiaoming has been in denial about the atrocities taking place in Xinjiang.

BELOW: Leaked video exposed treatment of Uighurs by China

Earlier in October, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said the UK is considering further action to address Beijing’s human rights abuses against the Uighurs.

November last month, the Trump administration sanctioned American companies complicit in the Chinese campaign to press Uighurs as forced labour in factories.

BELOW: Liu Xiaoming … deny, deny, deny

“Can I ask you why people are kneeling, blindfolded and shaven and being led to trains in modern China?” — BBC anchor Andrew Marr posed this question to China ambassador Liu in their studio interview (video above) on 19 July 2020.

Drone footage – which has since been authenticated – showed blindfolded and shackled Uighurs made to kneel before they were herded into the train.

Meanwhile in Malaysia, our Human Resources Minister M. Saravanan most recently reported that foreign workers in Selangor glove factories are working under conditions of “modern slavery” — see story tweeted above.

Some Malaysians are against the absorption of foreigners (including Rohingya boat people) not because we are being “xenophobic” as alleged by the NGO activists.

It is because the people getting rich from the mass influx of these foreigners are Malaysian towkays exploiting them as cheap labour.


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