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Donald Trump is ‘Most Admired’ man in America — Gallup poll

Polling agency Gallup just released its survey results for America’s most admired persons.

This year’s first-place finish by Donald Trump puts an end to a 12-year run by Barack Obama as the most admired man in the USA.

Former president Obama, however, remains more admired than backdoor presumptive ‘president elect’ Joe Biden.

BELOW: Trump loves his country … unlike the New York Times which hates America

Trump is admired by a plurality of Americans notwithstanding the fake news and lies spewed 24/7 against him by legacy media.

And neither have censorship and misdirection by Twitter, Facebook, Google – the Big Tech info platforms suffering acute Trump Derangement Syndrome – succeeded in obscuring the president’s real and genuine achievements.

If Donald Trump is bold enough to seize the moment, he might well enter the annals of history in the ranks of presidential greats such as Abraham Lincoln who crushed the white supremacist (the Democratic party had spawned the Ku Klux Klan) and slave-owning Democrats in the American civil war.


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10 thoughts on “Donald Trump is ‘Most Admired’ man in America — Gallup poll

    1. He is not going away that easily. After rebukes from AG, DOJ, courts 1-59 score, Electoral College voting, failures of efforts of Ken Paxton and Louie Gohmert etc, now comes Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley to the rescue in the coming Wednesday counting of Electoral College votes, which is to be presided by a sympathetic Mike Pence. Last Saturday Trump’s effort of begging and threatening Brad Raffensperger to “find 11,780 votes” also failed, as acknowledged by Trump’s twit.

  1. People decides, now Trump asked the Representatives and Senators to decides!!
    It don’t matter , if the court, the military or legislative decides in the end people that are pissed off will decides
    Trump will not listen to any experts only to enablers
    At 7 pm the polling in Georgia will be closed
    Will Tuesday change Washington?
    The educated suburban whites will be deciding votes in Georgia
    After that I don’t know anymore

  2. Trump tweeted on Saturday: “Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!”
    And it was exactly that.

  3. Invoke the 25th amendment !
    Imagine the father of the family is behind the family breakdown !!
    We been warned 4 yrs ago DTrump is an existential treat
    The insurrection cannot be left unanswered

    What will you do next?
    That boy-man cannot handle the truth!!!

    1. They are now contemplating 25th Amendment, impeachment, etc, but his latest video shows him as quite tame, devoid of the vociferous character he was a few days ago. Something must have jolted him lately, otherwise he might attempt a resurrection too on 20th Jan. for which the enforcement people will be ready and it would be and interesting sight…

      He has now been exposed as the emperor-with-no-clothes, and on the stroke of 12 on Jan 20th, he will (like Cinderella) revert back to be an ordinary citizen, shorn of his executive powers and most importantly his immunity to prosecution and lawsuits. Then it will be interesting…

  4. Trump’s twitter account is active again, and he tweeted a video far different from his previous ones. In it he finally conceded that Biden is the incoming President. No more talk of “I won big” etc.

      1. Pence was in the Capitol when the Trump mob came for him. And Pence had to call the National Guard for help.

        Trump’s twitter is silent now other than the ‘concession’ video, after the 12 hour suspension was lifted. Just like a juvenile delinquent being punished with his toys being confiscated…

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