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Dapsters win Darwin Prize

… And the Darwin Award goes to — The Dapster Delusion!

But first, defining what ‘delusional’ means.

Below is a definition of the word by Oxford dictionary-Google:

“characterized by or holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality or rational argument”

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Then AG Tommy Thomas, CJ Richard Malanjum, Law Minister Liew — all Christian

In his new memoir, Tommy Thomas revealed the Malay backlash against his appointment as Attorney-General was so strong that the Harapan prime minister tried to rescind the offer. 

The Malays were spooked because the country’s three top positions in law were all held by Christians once Harapan came to power. Continue reading “Then AG Tommy Thomas, CJ Richard Malanjum, Law Minister Liew — all Christian”

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What really happened with the votes in USA 2020 election

America’s election on 3 Nov 2020 was unlike any other in USA history because Covid was used as a pretext by Democrats to allow an unprecedented number of early votes and/or mail-in votes (absentee ballot).

The chart below by Pew Research is significant.

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DAP and Dapsters are like the Dems

‘DAP draws parallels between Trump and Najib supporters’ is the headline of an FMT report today.

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Biden’s most enduring image — barbed wire


Jan 20: President Biden successfully sworn in and arrives safely at White House under the protection of thousands of troops.

Joe Biden will very soon today be sworn in as president.

BELOW: Barbed wire is an apt symbol for the Biden presidency

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Are you a conservative? If yes, start worrying

Donald Trump has been banned or indefinitely suspended from almost all social media platforms — see list below compiled by a blue checkmarked NBC tech reporter.

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Documentary to connect the dots

Washington DC becoming a militarized zone did not happen in a vacuum.

There is underlying cause and effect.

Did Joe Biden win the 2020 presidential election fairly?” — a Rasmussen survey released on the day of the Capitol storming had asked respondents.

Some seventy percent (69%) of the Republican voters polled answered ‘No’. 

To them: Joe Biden did not win the 2020 presidential election fairly. 

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Pictures: Leader who is terrified of the people

When Donald Trump was sworn in as president in January 2017, he was delighted by the size of his inauguration crowd.

The more people who came to see Trump inaugurated the better — they provided him bragging rights to reflect his reality/rock star popularity.

15 January 2021 photo

The face of Biden’s America 

When Joe Biden is sworn in as president this Wednesday, the state security apparatus would have mounted the biggest operation in Washington DC since the American civil war.

Miles of batbed wire and unscalable fencing have been erected around the White House and Capitol to keep Biden and his event safe from a potentially threatening crowd. Continue reading “Pictures: Leader who is terrified of the people”

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What will Biden do about Chinese oppression of Uighurs?

Democrats and Republicans have together  released a Congressional report on the Uighurs being abused by Chinese authorities.

A bipartisan commission of American Congressmen yesterday said new evidence has emerged indicating that Beijing committed “crimes against humanity” in Xinjiang. Continue reading “What will Biden do about Chinese oppression of Uighurs?”

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Why Court Cluster should pay heed to grassroots

What goes around comes around.

The seat of American government – the Capitol – is amply demonstrating the above axiom.

A freshman member of Congress from Georgia, Republican representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, plans to file articles of impeachment against Joe Biden on Jan 21 — his first day in office. Continue reading “Why Court Cluster should pay heed to grassroots”

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What doesn’t kill him will only make him stronger

The Democrats have introduced a second-time impeachment resolution charging Donald Trump with “incitement of insurrection” relating to the storming of the Capitol on Jan 6, according to a CNN report today.

What the Dems are doing now – i.e. continuing their relentless persecution of the man – will simply give the outgoing president an extended lease on his political life. Continue reading “What doesn’t kill him will only make him stronger”

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Storming of the Bastille

The French Revolution of 1789 deposed the ancien regime.

In France today, the storming of the Bastille is commemorated as a national holiday. Bastille Day marks its 14 July 1789 anniversary.

The fall of this citadel to feudal power, located in the heart of Paris, is emblematic of the revolution.

BELOW: The Capitol building in Washington DC shrouded by smoke (tear gas) on 6 Jan 2021

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Ku Li floated a trial balloon and got his feedback

Burhanuddin Helmy was a prominent Tanah Melayu era nationalist of the 1940s.

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah possesses a strong nationalistic spirit too. Don’t forget that he once founded a party called Semangat 46.

Going into 2021 (Mahathir’s Vision 2020 having crashed and burned) and with GE15 coming up, Ku Li just wanted to be clear about Chinese sentiments with regard to nationalism. Continue reading “Ku Li floated a trial balloon and got his feedback”