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Umno-Bersatu existential battle already prefigured by MCA-DAP

Umno deputy president Mohamad Hasan has eyes to see for himself what happened to its BN ally MCA.

From a party with 31 MPs in 2004, the MCA was almost destroyed in 2018 while at the same time, DAP ballooned to 42 MPs.

DAP has repeatedly rallied its voter base to annihilate the MCA, calling on them to give the BN Chinese components a “duck’s egg” in elections.

Heady with success over its weakening Chinese rivals, DAP then urged the party rabid supporters to make Penang a ‘zero opposition‘ state when GE14 next came around.

In DAP’s world, there is no room even for a single voice of dissent, what more any “diversity” of political thought. This is the nature of the DAP beast.

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Now it is the turn of Ummo 

When DAP rode on the coattails of T-Rex (that would be Mahathir), MCA was driven near to extinction — being left with only one parliament seat in the last general election.

Both parties are in direct competition for the same market, i.e. the Chinese electorate. Currently DAP seeks to supplant MCA, hinging on the old race formula.

But where ruthless DAP has a killer edge is in its utter and unmitigated malice. Yet DAP brazenly projects its own political toxicity upon the MCA.

Recently Lim Guan Eng accused Transport Minister Wee Ka Siong of vindictiveness and wreaking vengeance over the Penang ferry issue.

The world and its neighbour’s cat know that it is Guan Eng (and not Ka Siong) who is vindictive and promoting vendettas.

Meanwhile Tok Mat Hasan, in his interview yesterday with FMT, said Umno is not out to kill snybody.

“It is you who wants to kill us,” he added — alluding to Umno’s do-or-die rival Bersatu fishing in the same Malay pool.


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