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The shot heard around the world

UPDATE: The critically injured protester has died

Somebody has been shot inside Washington DC’s Capitol building as pro-Trump supporters breach the chambers of Congress.

A woman is in critical condition after being shot in the chest, reported One America News Network (tweet below). 

Senators and congressmen have been evacuated by police.  

The Capitol is being put under lockdown.

The city of Washington DC is now under curfew.

NOTE ON TIME ZONE: It is presently Jan 7 in Malaysia but still Jan 6 in the USA

Congress had held a joint session on Jan 6 to certify the electoral college votes determining who is to be the next legitimate president. 

Election system broken by Democrats’ voter fraud 

Speaking to a crowd gathered in the capital earlier yesterday, President Trump reiterated that the USA presidential election of November 2020 was rigged.

He said American patriots will not concede to the crooks who have made their country’s election process worse than that of a banana republic’s. 


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