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Twitter signal they may ban @realDonaldTrump

Twitter and Facebook have temporarily locked Donald Trump’s account on their respective platforms following yesterday’s explosive events on Capitol Hill.

Twitter said it has frozen the president’s account for 12 hours, reported CNN Business, and warned it may suspend him permanently.

Twitter demanded that Trump remove his tweets – see screenshot below – considered to violate the company’s so-called ‘Civic Integrity Policy’.

Big Tech has been one-sidedly censoring and blocking conservatives and pro-Trump users.

In the week before the Nov 3 American presidential election, Twitter blacked out breaking news about Hunter Biden’s influence peddling while Facebook indirectly blocked sharing of the story.

The New York Post newspaper which exposed Joe Biden’s disreputable son was suspended by Twitter for more than two weeks, crucially during the last leg of the presidential campaign.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.