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The big purge is here

Two days ago I blogged ‘Twitter signal they may ban @realDonaldTrump’.

Now they’ve really banned him from the platform. This time permanently. 

Trump lastly tweeted:

“As I have been saying for a long time, Twitter has gone further and further in banning free speech, and tonight, Twitter employees have coordinated with the Democrats and the Radical Left in removing my account from their platform, to silence me.”

The above tweet was disappeared almost instantaneously. 

Facebook also has similarly suspended the outgoing president’s account.

Some ordinary Malaysians may reckon that what happens in the USA is of little concern or relevance to us. 


Malaysians use Twitter and Facebook too (although I personally don’t have any account on either platform)

I’m glad that I had the foresight never to have signed up to Twitter as well as to delete my FB years ago. 

Big Tech is censoring conservatives wherever they reside, and not just Trump and his allies and supporters in the alternative media and the American heartland — as is currently unfolding this last 24 hours. 

These tech oligarchs and gatekeepers are ominously silencing the truth tellers about the USA 2020 election fraud. 

Malaysians who refuse to kowtow to the wider cult of woke will eventually be targeted by the Silicon Valley digital gestapos.

The cancel culture mob will get you too in the end. 


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

5 thoughts on “The big purge is here

  1. A new video has emerged showing the Trump-inspired rioters pummeling a police officer lying face down on the ground. Rioters that Trump said were “very special” in a video on Twitter on the day it happened. Trump has not offered any condolences to the those who died; to him they are just expended bullets.

    1. Antifa agent provocateurs more likely.

      I was going to link you an interview with Micheal Yon by Epoch Times’ investigative reporter Joshua Philipp that was just uploaded but just as quickly, the video has been disappeared from You Tube.

      As you’re aware, there is currently a purge of conservatives and Trump allies across the Big Tech platforms.

      1. The name of Philipp’s programme is Crossroads. The title of his latest segment is ‘Antifa tactics seen at Jan 6 Capitol protest’.

        Maybe you can find it in other alternative Internet platforms.

      2. The shirts proudly worn during the insurrection identified far right militias at work
        Many far-right commentators in far right forums suggested that this is just the beginning of that civil war they long seeks
        The leader of these terrorist is Trump
        Outlawed these far right militias and call them terrorist group as they deserved
        What other evidence you need?

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