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“Violence is the calling card of the left” — Rebel Media

Around one million Trump supporters converged in Washington DC on Jan 6, according to Rebel Media video coverage (below) of the historic day in context.

VIDEO: ‘Chaos in Washington’

Beginning minute six:  

“The media and the Democrats are venting four years of rage now that he [Trump] has lost his power.”

“By some measures, the mob on Capitol Hill was small compared to Democrat party street gangs for the past few years.”

“Rioters for Black Lives Matter and Antifa set Washington DC ablaze — a practice they spread across America from Portland to Seattle to Minneapolis and Atlanta, New York, dozens of American cities burned with the tacit support of the Democrats including Nancy Pelosi, including AOC and including Vice President elect Kamala Harris.”

Pelosi: Trump supporters were white first

Since tribalism in the USA is dominating the world news, we might as well take it as a teaching moment to learn something general about distinguishing the TWO TRIBES.

The American divide

  Democrats vs Republicans (party alignment)

  Left wing vs right wing (political ideology)

•  Blue states vs red states (geographic location)

•  Liberals vs conservatives (socio-economic values)

•  Globalists vs nationalists (outlook on identity)

•  Black minority vs white majority (race)

•  Secularists vs believers/the faithful (religion)

The greater the diversity, the bigger the gap between its adherents.

2020: The year American cities burned 

BELOW: Internet meme — the Democrat lawmakers alleged to have incited violence on the streets

Clockwise: Kamala (at one o’clock), House Speaker Pelosi and black Congresswomen Maxine Waters and Ayanna Pressley who is a member of AOC’s The Squad

Action and its equal and opposite reaction

What the rest of the world can see is how much the Democrats hate their fellow Americans — those who fail to share their fixed ideas and woke opinions.

Democratic party figurehead Joe Biden is symbolic of the behaviour of his tribe, for example in nane-calling opponents.

Godwin’s law is the proposition that the longer an internet argument goes on, the higher the probability becomes that something or someone will be compared to Adolf Hitler.” — definition by

Biden had last week compared Republican senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley to Nazis. 

To the Democrats, people who oppose their shenanigans are all Nazis, and Trump is literally Hitler.

“The dangerous, evil, all-powerful, fascist, Nazi dictator Donald Trump has been voted out of office and censored, as is tradition for evil dictators,” wrote a satirical paper The Babylon Bee. 

The Bee’s satire above serves to accentuate how incongruous with reality is the Democrats’ demonization of Trump.

Both sides are engaged in a Cold War. The Democrats have successfully weaponized Big Tech and legacy media against conservatives.

Will tensions in the USA further escalate or start to  deescalate?

Biden has declared that he is the president for unity and healing. This is pure lip service. His actions indicate otherwise.

Once Trump leaves the Oval Office next week on Jan 20, any failure to contain the violence is on Biden.



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