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Why Court Cluster should pay heed to grassroots

What goes around comes around.

The seat of American government – the Capitol – is amply demonstrating the above axiom.

A freshman member of Congress from Georgia, Republican representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, plans to file articles of impeachment against Joe Biden on Jan 21 — his first day in office.

While Rep. Taylor Greene does not have the majority to impeach Biden as the Democrats now control the House, this may change in 2022 following the midterm elections.

Although Taylor Greene’s planned resolution will not carry for the time being, the point of her exercise is that anything the Democrats can do (impeach Trump), the Republicans can do as well (impeach Biden).

The Democrats first tried to impeach Trump in 2017, the first year of his presidency. They failed as Republicans were then in control of the House.

However the Democrats took control of the House after the mid-term election of November 2018 and immediately launched multiple investigations on Trump to impeach.

Guan Eng a fellow member of Court Cluster 

The ding-dong that happens when power switches under a two-party system can be seen in Malaysia too.

Guan Eng was on trial relating to the Bungalowgate corruption allegation when BN was in power.

His court case came to an abrupt stop when Harapan took power.

And he is back on trial for various other corruption charges with Perikatan in power.

What’s happening in the USA can teach us something also.

The Democrats first started this impeachment thing to disrupt a legitimate presidency.

The Republicans will soon give them a taste of their own medicine and disrupt an illegitimate presidency.

It was the Democrats also who started the incitement to street activism. Far leftists had been rioting in the cities for the better part of 2020.

Now some Americans fear the far right will do a copycat on the streets.

Malays will not condone Umno sleeping with DAP

The politics of destruction played by DAP successfully reduced MCA from being a party of 31 MPs in 2004 to a party of one MP in 2018.

Realistically speaking, it is highly unlikely that the near future will see DAP even dented in the same way which the evangelical party has almost completely destroyed the MCA.

Nonetheless, it is equally realistic that Newton’s Third Law of Motion will take effect: Action. Equal and opposite reaction.

To recap … Action — The Democrats impeached Trump. Equal and opposite reaction — The Republicans will impeach Biden.

What the Democrats can do, the Republicans can do.

What Chinese voters can do, Malay voters can do.

The Chinese can give 95 percent of their votes to DAP. The Malays can give 95 percent of their votes to the Malay political bloc, and they will.

Action-Reaction is inevitable. It will happen.

The question only remains as to how the Malay/Muslim parties Umno, PAS, Bersatu are going to divvy their 95 percent share of the cake among themselves.

Again look to the American example on popular sentiment.

197 Republican Congressmen voted against this week’s impeachment of Donald Trump. Ten Republican Congressmen sided however with the Democrats.

The 197 majority are reflective of the direction of their base. The minority of 10 who chose to work with the Democrats are counter current.

Over here, the flow of Malay public sentiment is anti DAP.

If any of the Umno warlords think otherwise, they will be like the minority 10 Republican Congressmen who supported the Democrats in the impeachment.

Umno leaders comtemplating to jump into bed with  the evangelical party have not gauged correctly how strong is the anti-DAP feeling. These will be soundly rejected by their party base.


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