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What will Biden do about Chinese oppression of Uighurs?

Democrats and Republicans have together  released a Congressional report on the Uighurs being abused by Chinese authorities.

A bipartisan commission of American Congressmen yesterday said new evidence has emerged indicating that Beijing committed “crimes against humanity” in Xinjiang.

According to the United Nations, one million Uighurs are being arbitrarily detained in what some have called “concentration camps”.

Joe Biden’s campaign last August labeled the treatment of Uighurs by China as a “genocide”.

The President Elect stands “in the strongest terms” against this “unspeakable oppression” of the Uighurs, said Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bares at the time (see below). 

ABOVE: TUDM and TLDM intercept a Rohingya boat off Langkawi on 16 April 2020

Noisy about Rohingya, silent on Uighurs

Meanwhile in Malaysia, Chinese activists are outraged that the Malay-led government appears indifferent to the plight of the Rohingya.

Not too long ago, their preferred NGOs were all awoke slamming Putrajaya as “cruel” simply for taking action on Rohingya illegals based on our country’s immigration laws.

Ordinary Malaysians were also bashed as xenophobic and for harbouring “hostility to refugees”.

The Chinese activists had put particular stress on how “inhumane” was the treatment of Rohingya by Malaysians (read: the Malays) notwithstanding that these boat people are their fellow Muslims.

It’s just a ‘backdoor’ way to bash Malays as racist.

So not surprisingly when it comes to China’s treatment of the Uighurs, the usual Social Justice Warrior (SJW) loudmouths have little to say.


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  1. i am still very puzzle why no sense of brotherhood among malay muslim n rohingya muslim. its chinese activist right to pick their preference, the hypocrisy is the activist problem, nothing to do with chinese, however i thot all muslim must follow their book strictly, is there any verse allow them to ignore the plight of another muslim community that begging for helps?

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