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Pictures: Leader who is terrified of the people

When Donald Trump was sworn in as president in January 2017, he was delighted by the size of his inauguration crowd.

The more people who came to see Trump inaugurated the better — they provided him bragging rights to reflect his reality/rock star popularity.

15 January 2021 photo

The face of Biden’s America 

When Joe Biden is sworn in as president this Wednesday, the state security apparatus would have mounted the biggest operation in Washington DC since the American civil war.

Miles of batbed wire and unscalable fencing have been erected around the White House and Capitol to keep Biden and his event safe from a potentially threatening crowd.

16 January 2021 photo

BELOW: New fortified fence to keep Americans at a distance from Biden’s White House

Biden’s “very dark winter” for America 

National Guard troops are already present in unprecedented numbers while ordinary Americans will be prevented from entering the USA capital.

Major bridges and other entry points into DC will be closed from the day before the inauguration. Roads will be blocked.

Airlines are reducing or canceling flights into the city.

Vacation home rental company Airbnb is freezing all its Washington area reservations for the duration.

A two-mile stretch from the National Mall to the Lincoln Memorial is already closed to the public.

BELOW: On guard everywhere in DC, indoors as well as outdoors 

This fear of half the country (Trump’s 75 million voters) sets the dark tone of the Biden presidency.

In his speech yesterday, the president elect said “We remain in a very dark winter”.

There will be more soldiers armed with M4 rifles than Biden fans in the DC streets on Jan 20. Never has there been an incoming president more afraid of the American public.


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