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Governments that collapsed in Europe this week

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his entire cabinet resigned yesterday.

Rutte’s coalition government collapsed over a scandal relating to child welfare payments.

The Netherlands is anyway scheduled to hold a general election in a couple of months’ time.

Earlier this week, the government of Estonia had also collapsed.

Prime Minister Juri Ratas resigned on Wednesday because of a scandal over state loans for coronavirus relief.

The government of Italy is on the brink of collapse too after lawmakers from a junior partner pulled out from the ruling coalition.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is set to face a vote of confidence this Tuesday following his government’s loss of their senate majority.

Uneasy the head that wears a stolen crown

And over in the USA, Joe Biden is most unpopular incoming American president ever in modern times.

Washington DC is looking like a war zone with tens of thousands of troops this week brought in to protect the capital during Biden’s Jan 20 swearing in.

Biden will be beginning his presidency under the worst auspices.

Fences and security barriers are being erected everywhere while businesses are boarding up their windows for fear of riots.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has discouraged people from coming to Washington city for the inauguration, according to yesterday’s CNN report.

Americans can look forward to their maximum security-barricaded president continuing to “hide in the basement” although it is doubtful that Sleepy Joe will see out his full four-year term.




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