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Documentary to connect the dots

Washington DC becoming a militarized zone did not happen in a vacuum.

There is underlying cause and effect.

Did Joe Biden win the 2020 presidential election fairly?” — a Rasmussen survey released on the day of the Capitol storming had asked respondents.

Some seventy percent (69%) of the Republican voters polled answered ‘No’. 

To them: Joe Biden did not win the 2020 presidential election fairly. 

Red state America widely believes that dirty Democrats stole the 2020 presidential election.

This belief will only grow stronger as more evidence of voter fraud is continually being presented to the public.

Patriots fighting for the truth

Take for example the swift blackout by Big Tech on the New York Post expose on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

When that story broke, pro-Democrat dark forces in Silicon Valley and Legacy Media moved like a rampaging swamp monster to quash it.

But now that Joe Biden has the presidency safely in the bag, it’s been allowed to be publicly revealed how the October 2020 Post story about Hunter Biden’s dirty hands is true after all.

And just as the truth is slowly coming to light on the Biden “crime family” allegation – Hunter is/was being investigated by FBI and DOJ – similarly, truth will see the light of day with regard to the multi-layered voter fraud accusations.

BELOW: Suppressed documentary about USA 2020 election fraud — mirror copy

America remains divided

Besides Rasmussen cited above, many other polls have consistently conveyed the conviction of a vast majority of Republicans that the Democrats just plain cheated.

If Joe Biden is genuinely beloved by his “80 million” voters, one would not see the current scenes of maximum security in Washington DC for the disputed inauguration.

Yet do events unfolding in the other side of the world actually concern us?

Like, who cares right?

So why the constant venom and vitriol spewed at Donald Trump by Harapan supporters?


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  1. “Did Joe Biden win the 2020 presidential election fairly?”
    If you ask the poles of a magnet you got different answer , but if look at the alignment , the direction of the magnet we all can agree definitely
    Biden won definitely

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