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Biden’s most enduring image — barbed wire


Jan 20: President Biden successfully sworn in and arrives safely at White House under the protection of thousands of troops.

Joe Biden will very soon today be sworn in as president.

BELOW: Barbed wire is an apt symbol for the Biden presidency

Biden arrives safely at White House, protected by thousands of troops, barricadesThere are no cheering crowds in Washington DC for POTUS-46’s inauguration.

The traditional parade will be missing.

Instead the American capital is being secured by 25,000-30,000 troops whom the Democratic establishment, nonetheless, do not wholly trust — fearing as they do that some of these “white men” are loyal to Trump.

BELOW: Razor fencing and troops everywhere to keep public away from backdoor Biden  

“All good”: Fascist liberal media & their Potemkin village

The heart of DC – where the government complexes are – has become a militarised zone.

It is also a ghost town of sorts with its streets suddenly denuded of ordinary folks bar the reporters, press photographers and TV news crews. And the many troops, of course.

Biden’s administration is one that is in fear of half the American people.

BELOW: Barriers and barricades in DC’s empty streets create buffer for Biden’s safety

Americans and the rest of us are being treated to a (bad) news blackout on Biden, meaning that any negative info about him will not be allowed to reach the public.

There has already been a purge of pro-Trump conservatives from social media.

Facebook recently removed all ‘Stop the Steal’ content from its platform. Any challenge to the legitimacy of Biden’s win is outright banned from being publicly heard.

BELOW: Biden threatens physical violence, personally … listen — in his own words  

It was no slip of the tongue when Biden said he’d beat up Trump … if they’d both been in the same high school that is. 

Biden’s White House reign will assuredly be nasty, brutish, and short notwithstanding the shiny gloss  painted by leftist media.

The 46th president is not predicted to last beyond 22 months of his four-year term.

BELOW: The face of Biden presidency 


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