DAP and Dapsters are like the Dems

‘DAP draws parallels between Trump and Najib supporters’ is the headline of an FMT report today.

DAP Bangi MP Ong Kian Ming said in a statement that just like the Trump supporters, Umno people had/have been fooled “hook, line and sinker” by Najib.

Some Umno leaders may still feel beholden to the ex-PM, added Ong, in much the same way Republican congressmen and senators who owe the outgoing president are rallying around Trump against his impeachment.

Note: There are altogether 211 Republicans in the House of Representatives. Ten Never Trumpers, or less than 5% of GOP elected reps in the House, voted to impeach.

YB Ong also believes that both Malaysia and the USA would be better off if only Najib and Trump “can be marginalised politically in their respective countries”.

The real parallel is between DAP and Democratic Party supporters, which not surprisingly, escapes Ong Kian Ming.

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Democrat voters suffer from TDS. One acute sufferer of the condition is notorious Islamophobe Sam Harris.

In his ratioed tweet above, Harris rejoices at Trump being canceled by Twitter.

According to DAP’s Ong (who is his party’s Assistant Political Education Director), Trump and Najib have in common their outsized influence and popularity on social media.

Note: This is true of Trump until recently when he got unpersoned across almost all the Big Tech digital platforms.

Even the DAP admits that Najib’s Bossku trolling is highly effective.

If Najib were to be deplatformed from social media as Trump has been, the Dapsters would be celebrating.

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Identical politics of hate 

DAP leaders such as Ong can indeed see parallels between Trump and Najib supporters. What they’re missing are the parallels between DAP and Democratic Party supporters.

These are a brainwashed following who hate with a passion.

DAP supporters mock and insult Najib as much as Democratic Party supporters mock and insult Trump.

DAP supporters have as much as contempt for Umno’s kampung voters as Democratic Party supporters have for the Republican redneck base.

Dapsters think Umno voters are “dumb“, hence their nickname “Dumno” for the party. Dems think GOP voters are “deplorables”.

Another way in which the Dapsters and Dems are similar — they lack a sense of decency and have lost their boundaries. They’re the ones trapped in a political cult.


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