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PICTURES: Biden, bulletproof glass, body armour, barbed wire

VVIPs at Joe Biden’s inauguration need to be shielded by bulletproof glass … which first need to be cleaned for the big day.

While bulletproof glass protecting the west front balcony of the Capitol is not a new feature for presidential security, the wearing of body armour by VIP guests is something unprecedented!

BELOW: Joe (and Jill Biden in powder blue suit) behind the bulletproof glass – left of the rostrum – preparing to take the oath of office

ABOVE: Chief Justice John Roberts administers the oath of office to POTUS-46; look at how thick is the bulletproof glass behind him 

Some Democratic Party YBs at the Biden swearing-in ceremony took the extra precaution of wearing body armour, Russia Today gleefully reported (see below). 

Despite the miles of barbed wire fencing Washington DC on top of the saturation of troops, police, FBI and Secret Service, Democratic lawmakers were still afraid of the Republican half of America.

In any case, ordinary Americans were not even allowed to set foot into the USA capital city for the sealed off inauguration.

So instead of cheering crowds to fill the public square, Team Biden had 200,000 flags – see above – planted to stand in place of their missing rakyat … err, Biden’s supposed “80 million” voters.

ThIs new Democrat regime will be hard pressed to convince Americans that it is “a government of the people”.


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