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What really happened with the votes in USA 2020 election

America’s election on 3 Nov 2020 was unlike any other in USA history because Covid was used as a pretext by Democrats to allow an unprecedented number of early votes and/or mail-in votes (absentee ballot).

The chart below by Pew Research is significant.

Pew found that 37% of Trump supporters say they voted in person on polling day itself (Nov 3). Only 17% of Biden supporters did so.

Conversely, 58% of Biden supporters did not present or show themselves personally at the polling centres.

This is because the (key battleground) states permitted large scale voting by mail.

The process of mail-in voting was carried out under lax conditions in some of these states, e.g. in matters of signature verification, valid home address and legitimate postmark, etc.

Other concerns included gaps in chain of custody, ballot harvesting, etc.

Unsolicited ballots were introduced where a handful of states automatically sent an absentee ballot to each registered voter.  HORROR!!

Postal voting is a lot less secure than in-person voting where one’s ID is verified on the spot.

USA election 2020 shocking stats 

•  Early Votes: 101,453,111

 In-Person Votes: 35,811,062

 Mail Ballots Returned: 65,642,049


In Malaysia we understand our Pilihan Raya Umum to mean the whole country all turning out to vote on ONE designated day, with the exception of a small group of special people, e.g. soldiers in the jungle, police on duty, diplomats in foreign missions.

In the USA 2020 election, only 36 million voted in person on the voting day itself compared to 101 million who voted anytime earlier prior to Nov 3. (Caveat: Early voting also includes in-person option.)

The majority of early voters (greater possibility of fraud) were Biden supporters.

In contrast, Trump supporters were the majority of the in-person voters (lesser risk of cheating) who presented themselves phyically at the voting centres on polling day.

Some American states even allowed the public to put aside the usual requirement for in-person voting without any need to provide an excuse at all — be it for Covid or other health reasons.

And some areas were even prepared to count votes that arrived ten days after Nov 3, see

Polling day is understood by Malaysians as Hari Mengundi. In the American fiasco that occurred last year, it became for them a stretched out Minggu Mengundi or Bulan Mengundi.

Conclusion: Largely because of the convenient Covid pretext, rules and procedures to safeguard the election process were thrown out the window.

Of course Republicans remain skeptical 

Twitter has purged 70,000 accounts which have questioned the integrity of the USA 2020 election — see news report in video above.

In my earlier blog post, I’d cited a Rasmussen survey this month that asked: “Did Joe Biden win the 2020 presidential election fairly?”

Some seventy percent (69%) of Republicans polled by Rasmussen answered ‘No’.

A January 10-12 YouGov poll asked: “How much confidence do you have that the 2020 presidential election was held fairly?”

Sixty percent (60%) of Trump voters replied: “None at all”.

NOTE: Back in mid-November 2020, a total of 84% Republicans polled by YouGov had said “Biden did NOT legitimately win the election”

A recent January 11 Quinnipiac poll found that 73 percent of Republicans still believe there was widespread voter fraud.

A January 8-11 survey by Vox/DFP saw 72 percent of likely Republican voters saying they “continue to question the presidential election results”.

Biden Democrats have broken public trust in their country’s election system.

From now on, the USA should cease to lecture Third World countries over how to conduct free and fair elections. Their own one has been disgracefully shambolic!


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4 thoughts on “What really happened with the votes in USA 2020 election

  1. Make voting by Mail permanent !!!
    Just because one is given the right to vote don’t mean one can go out and vote
    It’s call voter suppression
    Thanks to COVID and Fascist dumb-dumb Trump , people of color and whites participated in droves
    No excuses from work, no mobility excuses ,no waiting in line
    Rules were agreed by each states election commission prior to election
    Battle ground states election were run by Republicans but this time they were overrun by Democrats or Republicans turns Democrats
    There are simply more eligible voters that voted for Democrats !!!
    Yes the margin can be small
    Remember the holy then cow Republicans at one time chanted “stop counting” when it favored their candidates and later chanted” keep counting” when the tide turned and did not favor their candidates
    The election was conducted by rule agreed upon prior to election
    Each state run their own election
    It turn out, there are more Democrats then Republicans in good ‘old USA!!

  2. The White House YouTube page now has more dislikes than likes. Yesterday they forgot to turn off the comments and many people mocked Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Now they have turned off the comment section. Also there was a video circulating that some soldiers and national guards who turned their back to Joe Biden motorcade. This shows many Americans do not acknowledge Joe Biden as their president. The Big Tech cowardly have deplatformed many people especially those who are anti-Biden and even those who questioned the fraud election. They also threat doctors who question the experimental vaccines by deplatforming them and gaslighting (sowing mistrust to the person), The funny thing Antifa continues to protest in cities such as Portland. This will not end well for Joe Biden.

    1. The propensity to manufacture lies can be in comments section
      and the platforms where the lies dance know how to …..kaboom, collapsed

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