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America’s “uncivil war” starts now

Joe Biden has a favorability rating of only 49 percent among the American public going into his presidency. We’re told he received “81 million” popular votes.

Barack Obama had a favorability rating of 66 percent first going into the job in 2008 with his then record 69.5 million votes.

BELOW: Biden made mention of “uncivil war” in his inauguration speech 

Biden is approved by less than half the populace despite being – supposedly – the most popular president of all time.

In fact, this president-of-81 million-votes was so popular that he was inaugurated behind barbed wire and protected by tens of thousands of troops.

Some of Biden’s VIP guests wore bulletproof vests at his swearing.

In the Divided States of America, half the country views Biden either unfavourably or even as an illegitimate president.

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Bulk of Biden votes came by post

Before 2020’s Year of Covid, Obama had held the record for the most number of popular votes in American presidential election history.

In 2008, Obama received 69.5 million votes —then the highest ever. He had upwards of 95 percent of the black vote and even got the endorsement of former Sectetary of State Colin Powell, a Republican but more importantly, a black.

Obama was phenomenally popular — breaking the glass ceiling of white guilt and identity politics. His popularity however decreased in the 2012 election with a reduced 66 million votes.

Donald Trump won the electoral college in 2016 on his 63 million votes.

In 2020, despite the media daily intimating that Trump is literally Hitler, the incumbent managed to increase his popular vote count to 74-plus million. That’s a big jump.

Legacy media and Big Tech saturated our æther with their fake news that the Orange Man was bad … very bad … but Trump still got 11 million MORE votes compared to his first shot in the election four years earlier.

In contrast, Obama was God’s gift to humanity — or so the biased legacy media and Big Tech incessantly told the world. Yet President Obama obtained 3.5 million LESS votes going into his second term.

And now we come to sleepy, Creepy Joe Biden who the establishment woud have us believe had garnered 81 million votes — the vast majority of them having come in the mail of course.

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The certainly rigged electiion 

Almost six out of every 10 votes cast for Biden was a postal vote.

In the 2020 USA election, mail-in ballots numbered an unprecedented 66 million.

In-person voting on the Nov 3 polling day was 36 million, the majority of them Trump voters who showed up at the polling centres.

America’s November election had super high voter turnouts never seen before. In some areas, there were more votes than there were registered voters.

On the night of Nov 3, Trump looked to be the winner. Then suddenly the battleground states simultaneously stopped their counting – tutup kedai – ostensibly to resume the next morning.

BELOW: Biden barricaded DC streets; Big Tech barricaded evidence from reaching the public skeptical about his “81 million” popular votes 

A viral video from Georgia (a contested state) taken by CCTV showed workers counting ballots late at night in an empty room after Republican poll observers were told to go home.

Boxes of votes were surreptitiously pulled out from under a table hidden by tablecloth — click HERE.

The midnight hours saw elsewhere critical “vote dumps” for Biden whose tally spiked upwards in impossible vertical straight lines.

Mathematicians call this “statistical anomaly”.

But the public is not allowed access to such evidence. The hyper partisan media have been determined to black out credible info which run contrary to approved narrative by The Swamp regarding Biden’s record-breaking (hahaha) “81 million” votes.

The fact of severe censorship can be seen by Big Tech totally deplattorming Trump from social media. They further silenced pro-Trump conservatives with a Great Purge and through other weapons of cancel culture.

Trump Republicans have responded. One congresswoman from Georgia has filed articles of impeachment against President Biden

This is just the first salvo. Democrats created the new normal in politics; Republicans are merely beginning to play the game according to Dem rules.


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5 thoughts on “America’s “uncivil war” starts now

  1. The uncivil war begins after the 96th(1981) Congress when Republicans realised they can never break free from the majority ruled by Democrats since the 81th (1949)congress
    Since 1933 to 1995 both the senate and house were mostly represented by Democrats
    Remember Newt Gingrich objection to “everything” tabled by Democrats ending non partisanship as we know then
    Some American behaves like Republican party apparatchiks
    Uncivil war has to ends ,it does not benefit the masses

  2. One needs to ponder the need for thousand of National Guard troops to stay until March? What are they guarding against? Afraid of something may be.
    In reality they know that this is a fake Presidency gained through fraud. Even Amazon’s boss Jeff Bezos thinks mail in ballots raise risk of fraud ( Certainly Bezos knew because his company’s controls the cloud infrastructure.
    Just remember also that Biden came in fourth during the early primary election. While Kamala Harris did not even make it. They are not popular even among Democrats.

    1. It is so much fun to poke fun on America because of their hypocrisy. And any changes to the American policy will impact the world.

  3. To debunk the lies perpetuates about the integrity of recent election Senate should convict Donald J Trump
    Senators and House members ties to insurrection( QAnon , Proud Boys , the Oath Keepers, and 3 Percenter ) out in the open , contributing to radicalization process should renounce everything they done
    Let history book continues to write US struggle against racism is a continuing process

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