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Biden is bad news for the Middle East

2020 was an eye-opener year for me. Finally, I’m beginning to get why Iran and the Muslim world call the USA ‘Syaitan Besar.

The Democrats are just so devilish in their behaviour – stealing the election in many, many sneaky ways – that a description of “jahat” is plain inadequate.

BELOW: Iran is correct … the jahat Democrats do not allow ‘liberty’ (freedom of speech, freedom of thought) to their opponents both domestic and foreign

Poll after public opinion poll have consistently found that three-quarters of Republicans don’t believe the USA November presidential election had been conducted fairly.

And now with Donald Trump out of office, the hawks in Washington DC will be back to their profitable war business as usual.

Presidents Bush and Obama tinkered with regime change in the Arab world and Middle East.

BELOW: The Democrats are a clear and present danger … also to their country

Hillary Clinton, Obama’s first Secretary of State, infamously cackled “We came, we saw, he died” — joking about the killing of Libya president Muammar Qaddafi.

Hillary’s line was her own twisted take on Julius Caesar’s “Veni, vidi, vici” – meaning ‘I came; I saw; I conquered’ – after he won a battle in what is today the north of modern Turkey.

Recall how war-torn the Middle East had become during the Obama era. Fortunately, American military intervention there somewhat simmered down during Trump’s tenure.

With Biden come into the Oval Office, the American meddling resumes — see video below.

Most Chinese in M’sia are against Trump

I confess I’m pro Trump and anti Biden. In this I’m again as rare as the five percent Chinese who vote BN — which I also did, twice.

But in truth, I’m not really all that invested in the political fortunes of either man. It is the mob mentality driving Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) which bothers me.

BELOW: Twitter had fixed it so that anyone who typed in the word “racist” on their platform would get a top search result directing to @realDonaldTrump

This outpouring of demented hate against Trump and his supporters — does it remind you of anything in Malaysia?

And who – i.e. which voter demography – in Malaysia are most vocal in vilifying Trump?

Clue: Look at the identical symptoms of hypocrisy and projection.

What Obama, Clinton, Pelosi and the Democrats are themselves guilty of, they turn around and accuse Donald Trump and the Republicans of doing.

BELOW: Always calling other peopke “racist”

You can see a mirror of this in Malaysian politics.

What Lim Guan Eng and the DAP are guilty of (viciousness & vitriol, vindictiveness & vendetta), they accuse Wee Ka Siong and the MCA of doing.

And then there are Hunter Biden’s dealings in Ukraine (Burisma) and China (“10 held by H for the big guy”).

The Democrats accuse Trump of con and corruption when it is the influence-peddling and compromised Bidens who are the elephant in the room.

BELOW: Reporter from CNN tells viewers the BLM protest was “mostly peaceful” as cars are blazing behind him

Rebutting a Sinchew columnist

Mr Lee San, writing his column headlined ‘The source of all evils’ in Sinchew said yesterday:

“Donald Trump left the White House at the end of his disgraceful four-year presidency, during which he successfully ignited the flame of aggressive populism, conflicts, hatred and division, with ramifications across the globe.”

BELOW: This man truly loves his country, which is more than I can say for some people living in Malaysia 

The following is my opinion: 

Trump’s presidency was nothing “disgraceful” (as being claimed by Sinchew‘s Lee San). Instead it was a relatively good four years compared to Bush Jr’s eight crusading years and Obama’s eight years messing up America and the Middle East.

What is genuinely disgraceful was the conduct of the USA2020 mail-in election where the stats simply don’t stack up.

Because of Covid, postal ballots were cast in ginormous numbers. These cannot be satisfactorily authenticated.

Equally disgraceful was Twitter canceling the President of the United States, with Facebook and the rest of social media also ganging up to unperson the (former) president and his conservative followers.

Lee San claimed too that Trump “ignited the flame of aggressive populism, conflicts, hatred and division”.

It was supporters of the left (read: Democratic Party) who lit the fires that burned American cities from coast to coast last summer. It was the Democrat politicians who incited violence on the streets.

As to those who created conflict, well, BLM and Antifa are not exactly aligned to Trump or the Republican party, are they?

And as to who actually sowed the “hatred and division”, I will only ask my blog readers to look inward at our situation in Malaysia. This will help them identify the guilty side. Easily.

BELOW: T-shirts bearing a Biden slogan … Creepy Joe has bashed his fellow Americans many times with the weirdest-worded insults

It beats me why there are Malaysians so thrilled to usher in a Biden presidency.

Biden has an approval rating of only 49 percent when he purportedly received 81 million votes. Obama’s approval rating was a high 66 percent even though his popular vote was less at 69.5 million.

It’s SUSPICIOUS what …

Such a ‘discrepancy’ makes me suspect whether Biden really obtained “81 million” votes while sitting in his basement.

Allow me to remark in closing: The TDS is strong in Lee San. I’m making a guess that he is mainly sore at Trump for calling Covid the “Chinese virus” from Wuhan.

I’ve copypasted the rest of Lee San’s rant below so that you can read for yourself how much he sounds like Kit Sisng.

Lee San wrote:

“Leaders of some countries have taken cue from him [Trump], tearing up their societies and setting the world ablaze.

“The ignorance of these people have indirectly set the undeclared third war into action. Sadly, almost 100 million people were taken down in just 12 months, two million lives sacrificed.

“Don’t tell me this virus has nothing to do at all with those power-hungry, unscrupulous leaders!

“History teaches us that all the wars have been started by unsatiated greed and corrupted minds of those in power, with poor civilians their innocent sacrifices.

“So, shall we castrate the lust of these bloody political goons and return peace and prosperity to our beloved nation?”


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  1. not sure if u notice, msia star n all chinese press r ccp mouthpiece. their reporting n opinion always go along with ccp propagandist like global times n xinhua. chinese msian generally anti usa, not trump alone. lets see where the wind blow when biden start his fight with ccp.

    most american president would not hesitate to start a war, i dont know y trump is diff, n curious y many americans dont appreciate trump approach.

  2. No.1
    81 millions Democrats and Republicans voting for Biden are not “ jahat”
    Neither are Republicans voting for Trump

    No.1 is non racist, No.2 is racist

    4yrs of Trump said so

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