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Then AG Tommy Thomas, CJ Richard Malanjum, Law Minister Liew — all Christian

In his new memoir, Tommy Thomas revealed the Malay backlash against his appointment as Attorney-General was so strong that the Harapan prime minister tried to rescind the offer. 

The Malays were spooked because the country’s three top positions in law were all held by Christians once Harapan came to power.

Aside from Thomas as the AG in June 2018, another Christian – (the late) Zachary David Liew Vui Keong from Sabah’s Warisan party – would shortly be appointed the regime’s Law Minister. 

Richard Malanjum, Malaysia Chief Justice from July 2018 to April 2019, is Christian too. Justice Malanjum is also Sabahan.

A Sabah church Sidang Injil Borneo has been going to court these past years to challenge our government ban on the ‘Allah’ word used by some Christians to call God’s name. 

Looking at Tommy Thomas, Richard Malanjum and Zachary David Liew suddenly together being put in charge spooked the Malays. 

Not only were they alarmed, many felt it was religiously inappropriate that a Muslim country such as Malaysia should have Christians seemingly in control of the judicial system … or at least three of them seated at the apex. 

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Tommy was Guan Eng’s lawyer 

At the time that Harapan won the general election in May 2018, Lim Guan Eng’s Bungalow-gate case was ongoing in court.

Guan Eng’s counsel in the corruption trial was Tommy Thomas.

Naturally the Malay public suspected that DAP must have pushed hard for Thomas to get the job, and as the lawyer representing Guan Eng, there was a conflict of interest in his ascension. 

On top of his professional link to the DAP sec-gen, Thomas was perceived as being Dapsterish as well because of his inability to speak bahasa Melayu competently.  

He was Chin Peng’s lawyer too

In 2009, Thomas was the lead counsel in a legal suit filed by retired communist Chin Peng against the Malaysian government. 

A decade later on Malaysia Day 16 Sept 2019, Chin Peng’s cremains (cremated remains / ashes) was smuggled into Malaysia. 

The ash smugglers would not have done such a thing during the BN era. Annuar Musa, then the Umno sec-gen, insinuated that AG Thomas might have had something to do with the attention-grabbing escapade. 

Former IGP Tun Hanif Omar later weighed in, claiming Tommy Thomas “kawan baik” Chin Peng. 

Thus Thomas double spooked the Malays who are averse to communists, especially the deadly kepala kominis who – rightly or wrongly – was seen to have had some kind of ties with the funky Christian AG. 

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