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Dapsters win Darwin Prize

… And the Darwin Award goes to — The Dapster Delusion!

But first, defining what ‘delusional’ means.

Below is a definition of the word by Oxford dictionary-Google:

“characterized by or holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality or rational argument”

Guan Eng and his Apanama Bossku

(1) The shoe dropped: Sheraton Move

Delusional Dapsters are characterized by their idiosyncratic way of thinking.

That is to say Dapster thought resides outside of reality and counter to rational thinking — as per the Oxford explanation of ‘delusional’ above.

One example of this delusion is how Dapsters were brainwashed into believing that Mahathir had miraculously UBAH-ed.

The reality is of course that Mahathir was never a ‘changed’ man. The politician who successfully hijacked Harapan in 2018 is the same one from 1970’s Malay Dilemma.

And the very old are often stuck in their ways.

So why would Chinese voters ever entertain the delusional thought that Mahathir could and would be their new Hope?

After all even before GE14, the Old Man’s track record of half-a-century in politics was plain to see.

Therefore it should not have come as a surprise that Mahathir initiated the events which culminated in the Sheraton Move.

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(2) The other shoe drops: Tommy Thomas’ revelations

Malaysians have had to endure endless years of bullying by these delusional Dapsters.

Between 2018 and 2020, the bullying intensified as Dapsters grew increasingly vicious, what with their party then exalted to federal power.

These Dapster bullies are convinced they’re righteous when they’re really only being irrational.

The irony of it all is that Dapsters bullied their fellow Malaysians who had exercised better judgment in choosing not to vote for the Mahathir-led Harapan.

A further explanation of ‘delusional’ by Oxford states that delusion is “based on or having faulty judgment”.

In other words, Dapsters are delusional due to building their bubble around mistaken impressions.

Very recently Tommy Thomas revealed more details of the Mahathir black hand. Now, following this running expose by Thomas, there can be no lingering doubt about Mahathir’s intent.

Actually, most of the controversial actions by Mahathir during his tenure as PM2.0 were wholly predictable.

Any rational Chinese grounded in reality could have foreseen Mahathir’s trajectory even if his second premiership was premised on non-Malay votes.

Only the Dapsters failed to have anticipated what Mahathir had planned for them.

It is hilarious when delusional Dapsters claim that people who vote Umno are “dumb“.

Who are the prize asses now?


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  1. DAP and Cina Bolih did bring down Umno
    But they raised up unreliable Raja Raja lama Umno
    Big mistake

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