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The last time DAP ‘saved’ Malaysia

Remember when DAP promised to save Malaysia by stopping Lynas?

Let’s recall how they went into action and in the process also captured Putrajaya … riding triumphantly into the administrative capital on Mahathir’s coattails.

Only as it has turned out instead, DAP was the donkey vehicle of the old man’s second coming.

‘Save’ is typical evangelical messaging

Lim Guan Eng told his Delusionals that Lynas is a “loji nuklear”.

He warned them that the plant might “meletup” — listen yourself from the video clip below.

He promised to “Henti Lynas”.

The banner below by the Chinese activists said: “Undi kami hentikan Lynas!”

Anti-Lynas platform made him MP

The fist-pumping guy below is Wong Tack.

He founded the Himpunan Hijau NGO to stop Lynas. They even had a cute green propaganda trailer (pix below). 

The underwater banner displayed (below) by the scuba divers said: “Himpunan Hijau 10.9 Pilihan di tangan kita.”

Lynas was one of the DAP hot button issues to win election.

In GE14, DAP’s Wong Tack won the Bentong parliament seat defeating MCA president Liow Tiong Lai.

So how did DAP’s ‘Save M’sia’ go?

DAP and their supporters even made it seem as if all the hostility being generated against Lynas was something patriotic.

They rallied a million Malaysians to their cause of stopping Lynas and saving the country (pix below).

Their rally placards said: “Vote out the government that brings in Lynas”, “Kuburkan BN, kuburkan Lynas”, “The choice is ours”.

At the DAP’s urging, 95 percent Chinese voters indeed made the choice to bury BN.

Elections have consequences

The last I checked, Lynas has not been turned to ash — see grafitti wishful thinking below.

Rather Lynas is operating business as usual despite the DAP coming into federal power (2018-2020) and the party holding the Environment portfolio in Atok’s cabinet.

Guan Eng’s doomsday scenario of Lynas exploding clearly failed to materialize.

What did happen ultimately was the creation of a Malay-Muslim government — an unintended consequence, to say the least, for the gungho Chinese electorate.

Muhyiddin’s Perikatan government today came about indirectly from the decision by the 95 percent Chinese voters to destroy MCA (and MIC).

Why they deluded themselves with false hope

The Vote Mahathir-Harapan poster above had graced the masthead of one of the many ‘Save Malaysia’ Facebook pages.

DAP stirred up so much sound and fury that signified nothing en route to Putrajaya. Yet almost the entire Chinese community bought into the DAP indoctrination.

That Guan Eng dared to make such an outrageous claim as calling Lynas a “loji nuklear” just goes to show how divorced DAP supporters (his audience) are from reality.

Their ‘Stop Lynas, Save Malaysia’ campaign verged on hysteria.

Once the DAP had successfully toppled BN, their campaign against Lynas came to a sudden halt.

But the manipulated Chinese masses that have been so used to being pumped up by DAP can no longer seem to stop themselves.


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