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DAP evangelistas and mosques

Under Covid SOP for the coming CNY, activity in temples will be limited — see latest guidelines in the Star chart below.

On Thursday – which is only three days away – no more than 30 persons are allowed to pray inside the temple at any one time, and each individual only permitted to remain a maximum of 30 minutes.

Last month, Hindus were similarly and severely restricted from temples for Thaipusam.

There is also SOP limiting the number of ummah in the masjid for sembahyang jemaah.

If we had not realised this before, the social distancing requirement of the pandemic has at least taught us how valuable is the precious space in our respectively religious premises.

Buddhist and Hindu devotees wish to enter temples, Sikhs to enter the gurdwara but DAP evangelistas were obsessed about muscling their way into mosques.

It was not enough that they politicked in churches; the evangelical politikus still wanted to extend their tentacles further — for example when Mrs Lim Guan Eng (a Christian) shaved her head bald in a Buddhist temple.

And the then Penang Cheap Minister had participated too in his wife’s cheap gimmick.

BELOW: The then MCA president complained that DAP’s wayang was an ‘abuse’ of the temple

Houses of worship are for the flock to do their solat. DAP evangelicals, however, view these sacred grounds bagai tapak bagi mereka senang-senang berpolitik.

It is hoped that under the post-Covid new normal, jawatankuasa masjid dan surau will no longer allow DAP politicians apa-apa peluang lagi untuk bersandiwara.



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